Deirdre Baggot’s Rise to Success

Deirdre Baggot is the current serving vice president of Camden group. Over time, Baggot has had an interest in improving patients’ experiences targeting the best outcomes at a subsidized fee. Dr. Deirdre Baggot delved into a career in business analyst in 2003 at the University of Michigan where she also served as the administrative manager for the organization.

While working at the University of Michigan, she was accorded awards for her outstanding leadership and earned a Lean/Six Sigma certification. Dr. Baggot also held a senior position for ten years at one of Northwestern’s Memorial Hospital. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on crunchbase

Three years later, Baggot secured the post of the senior administrator of the Vascular Institute of SCL Health. She left an impact at the organization as she was responsible for the mushrooming of 11 clinics sites. The accomplishment led to her getting a prestigious position at GE Healthcare Partners based in Los Angeles, California. She was among the appointed senior vice presidents, and her primary interest was the healthcare payment system.

Among the accomplishment of Deirdre Baggot is that she is responsible for more than 200 healthcare service providers reforming their charging system to applying the bundled payment method. She has written 20 research papers concerning the bundled payment system, healthcare reforms and modernizing the healthcare industry payments. She has also on various occasions been given platforms to speak at global medicine conferences.

Deirdre’s highest achievement include outstanding strategies that led to the successful implementation of the well embraced bundled payment system. The idea to start the system was conceived at Northwestern’s memorial hospital where she worked as a newer nurse when she noticed a gap in patient diagnosis. After a while, she developed a list for the various ailments that the patients had. This development improved the diagnosis procedure, which led to the effective treatment of the patients and in turn saving the hospital money.

The system gives Americans the ability to have a wide array of access to medical services ranging from emergency to preventive care and their overall health services. Dr. Baggot’s expertise can be backed up by her outstanding resume. Her curriculum vitae speaks for her excellent qualification in her academics and the sound professional track record.

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OSI Group’s President, David McDonald’s Contribution to the Company’s Success

David McDonald grew in his birthplace of Iowa where he later pursued Animal Science in College and earned his degree. After graduation, McDonald joined the North American Meat Institute as the Chairman before joining OSI Group as the Project Manager but still working with the North American Meat Institute. Through his hard work and dedication, David McDonald today holds two senior posts in OSI Group. He doubles as the Chief Operations Officer and the Presidaent of the world’s top food producing and processing firm, the positions he has earned in three decades. In the years he has worked with the company, he has contributed towards many changes in the company including facilitating of mergers and acquisitions.

He works hard with an experienced team consisting of members who can track and study the evolving international food market. They work closely with the local businesses to ensure the full address of the customers’ needs. One of the recent successful contributions that David McDonald facilitated is the acquisition of Dutch Company, Baho Foods. The company is a rich producer of deli meat among other foods and having it under OSI Group was a great stride toward the company’s diversification process. Through Baho Foods, OSI Group strengthened its roots in the European market and beyond. The better part of the deal is that Baho Foods has five subsidiaries in the Netherland and Germany that would strengthen OSI Food’s supply efforts. Through the companies, it would be easier to reach more customers on the ground.

Apart from Baho, David McDonald has helped the company expand its poultry operations to China through the establishment of 10 facilities. China is a good market for poultry products and having OSI Group there is one of the primary success stories of McDonald. David McDonald admits that his success story behind OSI Group is through his passion in the job. He teams up with Sheldon Lavin to implement all development projects in the company. Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group and the Chairman hence the need to work together with McDonald. The two Executives work tirelessly to push the company’s mission serving its customer’s diligently.

The Supreme Product Line by Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is the name of the girl that invented something wonderfully pure. She created a product line for skin care products, that according to fans, works and preforms miracles. The pricey figure of $105 for a small bottle of ‘Luna Oil’, in the eyes of many is well worth the price. And as simple as this seems, the packaging of the product seems to convert buying to bought.

Sunday Riley’s success story began like most. She had an idea for a product after noticing her own frustration and the frustration of those around her in regards to facial skin care products. Sunday Riley met up with Barneys and although her product was not complete and was missing the title, Barneys invested. Although this was glamorously fantastic news, Barneys was not going to do all the work for her and they lacked in advertising; which is important to get anywhere. Riley however, had the bright idea to allow the social media influencers to advertise the brand for her. The brand started to spread through out the internet and people everywhere where inspired to try this new brand.

The reason why Sunday Riley is so successful is because quality matters to her. She studies her audience and she obeys their desires. Whatever is not selling she removes. But it’s not just selling that influences what products get removed from the line. Sunday Riley keeps her original dreams at bay. Her dreams to solve the frustrating experience that comes with shopping for skin care products that have value. So when something derives he dream from its main intention, Sunday Riley removes it. For example, the product line contained various makeup pieces, including pressed powders and eyeshadow but when these things distract the customers from skin care products like her new, “Sunday Riley C.E.O. Protect + Repair Moisturizer”, Sunday Riley removes the products. Customers may be able to find them in resale shops but they will not be anywhere near Sunday Riley’s website.

All in all, Sunday Riley delivers supreme quality and it may be pricey but every drop is worth it.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Remarkable Leaders at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is the perfect example of an integrated healthcare firm that strives to improve lives by offering value-based care. Moreover, it takes pride in a team of preeminent and experienced leaders. The leaders use their expertise and proven records to help the organization effectively meet and exceed the increasing demands in the healthcare industry.

Through leveraging both operational and operational skills of the leaders, the organization gives its partners confidence by tapping available opportunities for improved quality, engagements, and margins using a value-based model. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the two leaders whose contributions have significantly enhanced the growth and development of this healthcare organization.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto currently serves as the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health. With his vast experience of more than twenty-five years in clinical and operational healthcare, he has a lot to offer in managed care. Also, he presents a proven track record in innovative models with a focus on improving the quality of services, clients’ satisfaction, as well as the financial performance of the organization. Shinto also sits as the CEO of various subsidiaries owned by InnovaCare such as MMM Healthcare.

Prior to his debut in InnovaCare Health, he served different roles in various organizations in the healthcare industry such as Aveta Inc., Medical Pathways, and MedPartners among others.

Under Shinto’s management, MMM Healthcare has grown to be Puerto Rico’s oldest and largest Advantage Plan in the provision of Medicare. Today, it has over 250,000 lives under its wings.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer since mid-2015. Before this role, she worked at this healthcare company as the COO and deputy president for its clinical operations. Kokkinides boasts of over 20-years’ experience in the healthcare industry. She primarily deals with government-based programs, that is, Medicare and Medicaid as well as the field of managed care. Throughout her career journey, Kokkinides has acquired a robust knowledge base and skills on how to develop clinical programs and control processes in healthcare. Her efforts seek to improve efficiency in operations and structure of the organization.

Before her current role at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Centerlight HealthCare. Here, her primary task involved managing the overall business of the organization and overseeing the strategic course in its managed care department. Kokkinides also held other prestigious positions in different healthcare organizations including Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice.

For Kokkinides, the educational qualifications in biological sciences, classical languages, social work, public health, as well as alcohol and drug abuse has been a significant stepping stone for her career.

Gareth Henry: Star Slugger and Ace

Gareth Henry has more of a similarity to baseball phenom Shohei Otani than you might think. Otani is the rare player that can pitch as well as bat. While most players would have to focus on one or the other, Otani has excelled on both sides of the ball.

So has Gareth Henry. With a stellar background in mathematics, Gareth would have been forgiven for settling in for a life of crunching numbers, but his ability to connect with clients and his work colleagues meant that a career dealing with people came just as easily. Gareth Henry found the perfect outlet for his array of skills. As the Head of Investor Relations, Global Head of IR for Fortress Investment Group followed by the same role at Angelo Gordon, Gareth can use his ability with numbers and his ability to connect with investors throughout the world. Gareth is now based in London and at just 32 years of age the only thing that may be as impressive as what he has done, is what he might still achieve. Check more at

The baseball analogy does not end there. Just like Otani’s fastball and curveball, Gareth Henry is in constant motion. He is never content just staying in place, and he is always looking out for the next way to help his clients. Just like Otani looks for his catcher for assistance, so Gareth is never afraid to ask his colleagues to help him, and likewise he is always available to help others. Gareth takes hundreds of calls a month to better understand his clients and their needs, and he knows, just like every batter Otani faces, each of his clients is different and Gareth has to provide a unique service for each of them. It would have been easy for Gareth to focus on one area, but just like Otani, he wants to be a superstar in every aspect of his career.



Equities First Holdings is a trusted provider of stock-based loans

Equities First Holdings has made its name as one of the most preferred providers of stock based loans not only in the United States of America but also across the world. These loans are becoming popular with many people. Many people are investing in the stock market as opposed to the traditional methods of investing in property and land. This is because the stock market is flexible and one can liquidate his or her shares at any time and venture into other businesses. The firm provides loans to invest in additional shares or engage in other lucrative business opportunities. However, the traditional banks are not willing to assist. This has created a market gap which Equities First Holdings seeks to bridge. It has come as a savior to these people who only need to prove ownership of these stocks before accessing the credit facility. Once the appraisal is done, the person can obtain the credit which comes with minimal terms and conditions.

ClassDojo Brings the Classroom Home With New App

ClassDojo has spent seven years as the communications platform of choice for teachers across the United States. Schools choose it because it was superior to its competition, but ClassDojo came at no cost. This helped them find their way into two out of three elementary and middle public schools. Now one in six children under the age of 14 have some experience learning with the app. But an operational success isn’t a financial one, and now investors are wondering how the platform will monetize and when.

To make sure it remains a viable resource for educators, ClassDojo is expanding its services with an app geared towards parents. ClassDojo Beyond School will work on a monthly subscription model that will help parents take advantage of learning opportunities at home. Beyond School will share some similarities with the classroom version, but parents will have access to tools that allow them to track their child’s activity as a student, engage, control access and a points system that works as a reward for completing tasks.

Using Beyond School’s point system, parents can add points and subtract them, allowing them to reward progress taking place in the app and outside. This leads to the establishment of routines that has helped classrooms become positive learning environments.

Parents will also be able to learn a thing or two. Mindfulness and meditation have been part of regular instruction with ClassDojo. Beyond School will provide instructional videos so parents can learn and perform meditations alongside their children. Also in this vein, children can develop a video diary based on questions posed to them by the app. This is meant to get them used to talking about themselves in ways that helps parents better understand their state of mind.

CEO Sam Chaudhary, says parents will find the app useful because it makes use of downtime at home in a constructive way and gives parents a chance to be more engaged in their child’s progress in school.

Chaudhary has managed to keep ClassDojo going thus far by being quite frugal. By building a positive reputation with schools and teachers with a good product for free, ClassDojo has managed to get into many schools and parents are aware of their existence because of that. This kept advertising spending at a minimum. And with a team of 10 that only recently grew to 35 people, Chaudhary has kept money focused on refining the app. ClassDojo has survived on its popularity so far, but this subscription model is the method to maintain its business model while keeping investors happy.

Professor Sujit Choudhry speaks on the crisis in Catalonia

Professor Sujit Choudhry, the “founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions” and others, according to the article by, have spoken about the crisis that is going on in Catalonia. Choudhry and others have written a letter for both the Spanish governments such as Spain and Catalonia to resolve their issues and put their disputes aside. The letter addresses Catalonia’s president Puigdemont to listen to the people and secede from Spain. The two have differences and need to settle it peacefully before the situation gets even worse. Spain and Catalonia have not been on good conditions as Spain had escalated the situation between them with violence as Catalonia has postponed declaring its own independence. The two presidents need to sit down and have a discussion before any further actions. The population of Catalonia is divided on if they want to secede from Spain and claim their independence. The government will have to vote on the matter and take in the opinions of its people first before anything else occurs. Not wanting any more violence to ensue, the two governments will have to have a discussion to see what will happen. Prime Minister Rajoy in the past has not been on good terms with Catalonia president Puigdemont and other corrupt incidences have happened in the past as Puigdemont was arrested this year. People have expressed the disconnect between the two on social media on various platforms. In a study the article states from George Washington University of Media and Public Affairs, they found that the use of social bots and fake accounts were used to display pro-independence. There seems to be a lot of propaganda and inaccuracies being portrayed. There have been instances where many were arrested for it. The two sides are hoping to have a discussion but many are not so sure they should have one with the growing turmoil between the two. Sujit Choudhry, a professor of Law at the University of California, and an individual who is knowledgeable about law and politics believes the two should have a discussion to settle their issues. Choudhry has served as an advisor for many different countries and is an expert on constitutional law.

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Let’s Talk About The RealReal

Luxury designer items like handbags, shoes, clothing, and accessories are high fashion and desired by most women. However, the prices for those luxury items will set you back a years salary. However, there are a few ways to snap up some of those high cost items at a very low price. One way is to shop online for designer goods, but some of those low cost designer goods are fakes. The RealReal is a site that offers authenticated designer goods at a reduced price. The RealReal is a place to purchase luxury items and it is a place that will buy used luxury items too. This online consignment shop is breaking new ground in the consignment shop industry.

Secondhand Fashions Rock

Of course, luxury accessory and designer clothing lovers have probably heard of The RealReal, which is an online consignment shop that specializes in selling designer clothing or high end clothing and accessories. This shop has tapped into a long desired need for an online consignment shop that realized that the secondhand fashion market was a ticket to success. Now, other second hand fashion shops are popping up across the Internet. Still, it is important to focus on the fact that The RealReal was one of the first online consignment shops to sell authenticated luxury items.

Follow Their Instagram Page

Savvy shoppers were quick to download The RealReal’s app and check out the site and also check out their Instagram page. The RealReal is edging close to 200,000 subscribers on their Instagram page. Check out the page that offers luxury items like a Cartier Tank watch, a pink Gucci fanny pack, or a Fendi Bag at prices that you simply will not believe.

If you would like to purchase your favorite designer item and save money, check out The Real Real because they are for real.

Organo Gold

Organo Gold Brews Up A Healthy Cup Of Coffee

There is no doubt that Organo Gold is not your average coffee. This instant coffee stands out among all coffees thanks to one special ingredient. That special ingredient is Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that is not used in cooking, but for medicinal purposes. The mushroom is commonly used within the Asian culture.Organo Gold CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua was already familiar with the mushroom and all of its positive health effects.

He knew that adding Ganoderma to an already great tasting coffee would only make the coffee better. He was the first person who was able to market the use of the mushroom in coffees and teas outside of Asia.Coffee is known for naturally containing antioxidants and other health benefits. The Ganoderma is added to Organo Gold to help boost the immune system. The herb is known to be the support system for healthy cell growth, which in turns strengthens the body’s immune system.

This means that Organo Gold coffee can help to prevent cancer. Studies have also shown that using Ganoderma can help to promote good cardio health. It can help to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. The mushroom also has a high concentration of antioxidants. The mushroom can be found as an ingredient in many of the products offered by Organo Gold.Ganoderma is not only known for its health benefits. The mushroom also has a slightly nutty flavor. This flavor helps to balance the rich flavored coffee.