Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director, of CTMA Solutions to Traffic snarl-ups in Austin

In an opinion post, Mike Heiligenstein, paints a perfect picture of what ails the mobility sector in Austin, Texas.

There are more cars on the roads than the roads were ideally meant to hold and support and this leads to the nightmarish situation known as congestion. Traffic snarl-ups are a normal part of everyday life for residents of this urban conurbation and people end up wasting hours daily caught up from work to home.

Easing the Pressure Load

In a bid to improve the efficiency of the flow of traffic the government set up agencies like the Central Texas Mobility Authority (CTMA). The primary agenda of this particular organization is to come up with innovative tech-inspired solutions to prevent the woes associated with traffic build up on the major roads, avenues, and highways feeding the residential districts of Austin.

CTMA’s operations are subject to all laws and jurisdictions as set up by the Travis and Williamson counties. Their mandate includes building access and feeder toll roads all across the state, where needed.

So far, CTMA has outshone itself being able to oversee the completion of vital roads, for instance, the MoPac Express Lanes. The project has been lauded as a brilliant success story as more and more positive developments continue being witnessed in the areas now serviced by the roads by CTMA.

Traffic App

The efforts of CTMA have seen fiber cables being laid all across the major terminus linking the city to the main airport. There’s also a mobile app compatible with both IoS and Android CTMA commissioned. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mike-heiligenstein/

The application helps commuters to avoid the traffic hot spots and therefore help ease the congestion. With the app, a user gets info and insights on which time to leave home and what routes to take to avoid getting caught up in the morning rush.


The firm has sponsors campaigns and adverts which encourage the utilization of carpooling services to help get some of the load off our roads. These revelations were made possible by a recent report by the American-Statesman.

About Mike Heiligenstein

According to Biz Journals, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mr. Mike Heiligenstein currently manages a publicly-funded program valued in excess of $1B. these funds are structured towards making tech innovations in the transport sector in Austin and its environs.

Mike got appointed to that post in 2013. Mike is a keen advocate of clean transport like bicycles. Mr. Heiliginstein is a Business Administration degree holder from the prestigious University of Texas.

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