In January 2017, Madison street capital was the exclusive financial adviser to Ares Security Corporation. Madison Street Capital is a well-known international firm that deals in all aspects of investments. ARES Security Corporation procured the services of this investment firm to facilitate ARES Security Corporation in the recapitalization of the company’s equity. ARES Security Corporation is a prominent company that has over the years developed the best security solution in software form. This company is located in Vienna, Austria.


Recapitalization of ARES capital structure was a necessary move that needed to be done to increase the longevity of the company. Minority recapitalization was the only possible move to increase liquidity in the enterprise. This process entailed minor stakeholders ARES Security Corporation selling their shares to majority stakeholders of the company. Madison Street Capital Reputation of quality service delivery was among the factors that contributed to this international investment firm being the independent advisers for the recapitalization of ARES Security Corporation.


Upon making this announcement, the CEO of Madison Street Capital further clarified that the recapitalization was facilitated by a major company in the industry; Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Corbel Structured Equity Partners is an investment fund company that provides capital to other businesses. The partnership of these three companies was a significant move. Besides, Corbel Equity firm is a corporation with an extensive network of partners. The move, therefore, would significantly increase the revenue generation of ARES Security Corporation.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street capital is a prolific investment firm that deals in providing a variety of essential services to various industries in the financial sector. Over the years, this company has been forefront in providing the following services to the industry;


  • Overseeing mergers and acquisitions in companies
  • Providing financial advisory services to many firms in the sector
  • Valuation of equities


Currently, this company is under the leadership of Charles Botchway. He is the CEO of the enterprise. Under his leadership, Madison Street Capital has significantly expanded. The company has got clients from all over the world. These customers include public companies, private companies, and private investors.


Madison Company employs skilled workers with years of experience in the finance sector. The workers guarantee their clients the best possible outcome for their various enterprises. Besides, the company has excellent deal makers whose job is to make sure that each customer has a variety of business opportunities to select. Through this process, clients can grow and expand their various business ventures.


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Mike Baur Thrives in Entrepreneurship

Despite being successful in banking, Mike Baur chose to switch career and pursue his passion in entrepreneurship. Amid significant challenges in the technology industry, Mike decided to take a risk and started the Swiss Startup Factory, Switzerland’s leading ICT startup accelerator. Working in the bank made him conversant with entrepreneurial challenges. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur focuses on helping entrepreneurs make strategic and informed financial decisions. Besides helping entrepreneurs in financial planning, SSUF mentors, and coaches aspiring tech entrepreneurs.


Career Journey


Mike Baur attributes the success of his company, Swiss Startup Factory to the loyal customer base he has built since its inception in 2014. Dozens of entrepreneurs who have worked with the Swiss startup Factory have made significant strides in the world of business. They have not only expanded their ventures but also made profitable financial investments. Having spent over two decades in the banking sector, Mike Baur has extensive experience and knowledge in navigating business trends. While working at UBS bank, Mike would collaborate with business gurus and financial services advisors. As such, he feels right at home running a company that helps entrepreneurs hone their financial management skills.


According to Mike Baur, working as a banker was not coincidental. Banking helped him learn about financial management and investment. The knowledge he acquired in his banking career equipped him to run a successful startup. As a budding entrepreneur, look for a profession that matches the industry you want to venture into in the future. Going by Mike Baur’s career, it’s clear that an entrepreneur must be willing to take risk and face setback. Entrepreneurship is not always linear as most people would think. You have to utilize opportunities as they arise. Entrepreneurship is like a war zone where the opponent can rip off your master plan on the first contact. As an entrepreneur, grab any opportunity that knocks, as it rarely knocks twice. Emulate Mike Baur’s attitude of open-mindedness and flexibility, and you will go places.


Besides business, Mike spends much time mentoring Swiss youth on entrepreneurship during his free time. Helping young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market not only results in success but creates an opportunity for them to hone their skills and extend their professional horizons. Mike attributes his business success to personalized attention to customer needs. That helped him to develop relevant business ideas and stand out from the competition amid consistent changes in the business environment.


UKV PLC Services

An excellent networking platform is an added advantage to every company and its clients. Having no limitations when it comes to where you need to purchase your products; gives you the assurance of a wide variety to choose from when you’re buying your items. UKV PLC is one of the firms that’s fortunate to have this kind of platform in its line of business.

UKV PLC Market Size
UKV PLC is not tied to selling any particular brand because it operates independently (without any label membership).This independence gives the company the chance to work with all the broker and merchants in the market to accumulate every available brand. UKV PLC unlimited search openings is mainly a benefit to the clients.

UKV PLC deals with wine and champagne. Their goal is to ensure that their customers who are interested in consuming prestigious wines can acquire it. Some of this famous wines are from the vineyard gardens of France and Italy.

How Does UKV PLC help you?
UKV PLC assists its customers in choosing the type of wine that is best suited for their occasions. The right choice of wine will give your guest pleasure and add on to the fun. Great wine complements a party making it interesting and livelier.

Who does UKV PLC assist?
UKV PLC Company will offer help whether your aim is to buy a drink for a thrilling, rewarding experience for yourself or, you plan on using your savings to multiply them by investing in wine selling. The company’s consultants will advise you accordingly

UKV PLC Customer Care
The UKV PLC takes care of all its customers. For those buyers who are comfortable with online services, their experts are always ready. UKV PLC plans face to face meetings for those customers who insist on live meetings. The firm will either travel to the client’s location or ask the client to visit their offices depending on the situation.