Larkin And Lacey – The Journalists

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists that have helped many people to defend their First Amendment Rights. They did this for themselves, and they were arrested. Since they were correct in what they did, they filed a lawsuit, and they won a huge settlement. The settlement was for $3.75 million.

With their settlement money, Lacey and Larkin developed their Fontera Fund. This fund helps others with their human, civil and migrant rights. With the money in their possession, they can help several people to defend their rights and win against injustices.

The two journalists were taken and jailed in the middle of the night. This was due to articles written about the Sheriff in the area. Since they were correct in what they did, they won their case completely.

They are extremely important to others that are going through difficulties that deal with their human, civil and migrant rights. They stand as role models for them to look up to. People can know that they can stick up for themselves, and try to carry on in the face of problems.

Moving forward into the future, Lacey and Larkin look forward to helping others. They find that their story can benefit others and lead them forward in what they need to do. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

When a person is having a problem with their rights, whether they are with their human, civil or migrant rights, they will want to write down what has happened to them.

The more details that they can provide will make it better for them. In most cases, they will want to keep a separate notebook for their information. They should store this in a safe place that they can always find it when they need it.

This will allow them to talk about what happened to them in a better way. By writing it all down, they will not forget the details as easily. They should make sure that they have names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of the incident that they want to do something about.

This will all come in handy if they need to go forward into a lawsuit to protect their rights. They should never be afraid to stand up for themselves because it can make such a difference to them in the future.

People that are in need of assistance will find that there are other organizations that can help them too. They just need to do a search on the Internet to pull up the information on what they need to do. It can make all the difference in the world to have their rights protected at all times.

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