Robert Ivy, CEO Of American Institute Of Architects

When one is driving through a fast food restaurant one should consider that about 35 percent of people residing in America are obese while 34 percent are overweight. Obesity has affected over 17% American children, and most of Americans have diabetes without even knowing. Lack of exercises and poor diet are the significant effects of individual’s health status.
The architects have joined up the medical fraternity to develop the solution to a better lifestyle to people. Architects are taking up roles in designing and planning health solutions by either creating a healthcare facility encouraging physical activities or having design classrooms in such a way that there is penetration of sunlight to the room to increase attention spans in classes. The team of the health sector and architects will bring changes that could not be seen forthcoming.

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Metro Health Center located in Cleveland has been able to transform into an active medical center from an isolated hospital. A master plan that was developed by HKS envisions architecture firm vision Metro Healthcare Center as integral to the community having a country comprehensive approach to serving the community through clinics, music festivals, and seminars.
The creative solution of architects shows us that when design and health are integrated together, they can be useful in assisting in eradicating obesity epidemic. The need for more education to the general public is essential that’s the reason why both architecture and medical schools are advancing more training in part of their curriculum. The new generation of architects who have undergone the further training will be able to be the leader in creating a world that encourages physical exercise as the primary method of getting rid of obesity.
The students in the field of Architecture are already enquiring for courses that deal with the design of building to improve public health. Many universities have included this studies in their curriculum including, Texas Tech University and Thomas Jefferson University. Robert Ivy is a holder of Masters in Architecture from the University of Tulane; he also has an undergraduate degree in English obtained from the Sewanee University of the South. Robert was a chief editor in the Architectural record in 1996 later on the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction company.

The American Institute of Architects is one of the leading professional organizations in the world today. The organization was founded in 1857 and was established with the focus on developing and improving the sector. Currently has a membership that is in excess of 90,000 people. The organization and is one of the most powerful professional organizations in the world. When the organization was founded, the industry didn’t have any qualification requirements for people working in the sector. The organization pushed for the establishment of degrees and courses for people who wanted to enter into the field of architecture, which created a huge amount of development to the field as a whole. Members of the American Institute of Architects will receive a wide range of benefits.

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