The Voice of Shervin Pishevar Implies Many Future Facts

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American investment capitalist who has often issued predictions of future financial importance. In 2008, he predicted the current issues that are facing Facebook and other social media giants. In February of this year, Shervin Pishevar went on a 51-tweet rant that lasted nearly 24 hours. One of his major concerns was the lack of national concern over the coming crash of the American economy.


Shervin Pishevar predicts that the first symptoms of the crash will show themselves in the stock market. Though his prediction of a 6,000 point drop has not materialized, there is ample evidence—and a general feeling—that the economy is on a bubble where stocks in companies are overvalued.


The stock market is called “the game” for a reason. There is only one type of stock purchase, called an Initial Offer (IO), that benefits the business on which it is written. All other stock purchases go toward the seller that holds the stock. To buy low and sell high is the simplest example of how to make a profit off the stock market. Your predictions matter in “the game.” One wrong prediction can wipe out years of personal gains.


Later in his tweet-storm, Shervin Pishevar mentions the giveaway tax structure that benefits the top level of taxpayers and punishes the rest. He is correct in citing the expanded use by the government of purchasing its own bonds as no longer being an effective method of economic stabilization. With a national debt over $20 trillion and steadily rising by a trillion per year, the nation can no longer afford to bail out the markets when trouble comes knocking. Taxes that should have been raised during a burgeoning economy to pay back the harmful debt have, instead, been lowered for political purposes.


Whether or not Shervin Pishevar’s vision of the future is correct; there is no doubt that the American economy has deep fissures that need to be addressed. As he points out, America is far behind the rest of the world in the development of small businesses and infrastructure stability, both physical and virtual. Concentrating on solving these ills may go a long way toward rebuilding trust in the American economy.

What’s The Future of Dr. Clay Siegall?

If you’re interested in the fight against cancer, then you’ve probably heard of a man by the name of Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall stands at the forefront of the cancer-research community. He is known to be a philanthropist, a doctor, a scientist, an entrepreneur and an author. Dr. Siegall is highly educated thanks to attending multiple higher-learning facilities. This would include going to school at George Washington University as well as going to school at the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall has been able to earn wonderful accreditations in cancer research thanks to his Ph.D in Genetics and thanks to his undergraduate degree in Zoology.

Dr. Siegall just so happens to be the co-founder and the president of Seattle Genetics, and this oncology company has changed the game for the better. Seattle Genetics is located in beautiful Bothell, Washington, and it has been visited by important figures like former-Vice President Joe Bidden. Seattle Genetics is one of Puget Sound’s largest employers. Dr. Siegall has brought a lot of know-how to this company. He has worked with a number of high-profile companies such as Bristol Meyers Squibb and the National Institute of Health. Things were a bit hairy for Seattle Genetics in the beginning, but Dr. Siegall’s leadership provided viable solutions. Did you know that the face of this company is its actual sales staff? This is correct because the sales staff is what turned things around during the company’s struggling days.

Dr. Siegall’s business sense has helped the company to earn billions. By closing on multiple strategic deals with pharmaceutical giants, Seattle Genetics’ stock has roughly tripled in under a decade. Is there anything that this can’t do when it comes to cancer research? Well, Dr. Clay Siegall’s legacy has been set in stone and much bigger things are destined to happen in the immediate future.

Ricardo Tosto- Best business lawyer in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is a partner in a Brazilian law firm known as Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. He is a specialist in business litigation. Most of the time he is dealing with corporate and banking litigation. He has an outstanding name in the legal fraternity due to success in winning court battles. His understanding of the law is excellent. He attracts many clients to the firm and many interns also want to train under him. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria has the traits every client would love to see in their lawyer. He is diligent, straightforward, agile and transparent. Whenever he takes up a case, he ensures that justice prevails and in the shortest time possible.

Ricardo Tosto believes that justice delayed is justice denied. He has taken up cases which had dragged in courts for years in the past and successfully managed to get justice for clients in less than a year. Ricardo Tosto offers excellent advice to his clients, especially in the business sector. He has a deep understanding of business law, and he can never go wrong in offering advice.

Ricardo is a prolific lawyer who acts as a mentor to many young lawyers in the country. With Brazil being one of the states with the highest number of lawyers in the world, many of them want to become outstanding lawyers like Ricardo Tosto. These lawyers usually apply for intern job opportunities in his office so that they can learn directly from the master of litigation himself.

As a team leader in a legal firm, he is responsible for guiding the junior lawyers on how to approach cases before them intelligently. Winning a case is the primary goal of any lawyer, and Ricardo is ready to help lawyers working for them firm learn this vital lesson. Ricardo Tosto has represented numerous organizations in the Latin America region. He has represented governments, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations, politicians among other high profile clients. His favorite clients are the banks.

Ricardo Tosto holds a law degree from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and a post-graduate degree in business administration. The business course helps him in business case litigations.

Clayton Hutson Helped the Kid Rock Tour

Since Clayton Hutson has been helping people with musical opportunities, he’s learned the right way to orchestrate different events. He always works hard to show people they can get better and their shows will continue being the best no matter what they do. For Clayton Hutson, the point of helping artists like Kid Rock is giving them a chance to see they can perform even better than they used to. He always tries helping people so he can show them that their music has so many opportunities to keep getting better. He always wants to make sure people see him as someone who can truly help them with the music they make. He’s an engineer and spends a lot of time working to figure out which music will work best in each situation he’s in. His effort works to help people with different tastes. From Kid Rock to the Chainsmokers, Clayton Hutson knows what to do to make their music better. Learn more:


Now that Clayton Hutson completed the tour with Kid Rock, he received a huge thank you. It was one of the best tours Kid Rock ever went on and Clayton Hutson knew he did things the right way. Clayton Hutson liked giving people a chance to try different things and knew there were opportunities he could use to make things better for all the people he worked with. Between the hard work he put into things and the options people had to be successful with their music, Clayton Hutson knew just what to do to make things better.


No matter what Clayton Hutson did to help Kid Rock and other artists, he knew there were things that would keep getting better for all the artists. He also knew things would keep changing for those who used the right kind of performances. Clayton Hutson liked people to see he could do things and liked everyone to realize they had someone who was truly helping them with all the issues they had. Clayton Hutson gives back in different situations and that helps him make the right choices for the music he always likes performing.


Jeremy Goldstein: The LRIS’s New Way to Help Residents Find Lawyers

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is one of the most trusted associates of the New York State Bar Associations. The LRIS was established to help common New York residents find the right lawyer for their legal needs. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Twitter

When people need legal help, their lives are usually in a state of shambles. Looking for a lawyer when things are chaotic only makes things harder. The LRIS’s services are designed to help people when they are at their worst. The new LRIS service is an online option that lowers the pressure people face during times of stress.

According to Claire P. Gutekunst, State Bar President, every lawyer the LRIS recommends has been reviewed by the Start Bar and is in good legal standing with the Bar Association. The LRIS’s online service was designed by, a national provider of management technology.

The way the new service was designed, residents only have to complete one step. There’s an old phone service that people used to use, and it’s still in use. If anyone wants to use the old service, the number is 1-800-342-3661. The online service can be found at

The online service is available 24 hours a day, but referrals usually take at least a day. All referrals are free, and the service only requires a questionnaire to be filled out and submitted. Once the resident has filled out and submitted their answers and location, the LRIS staff reviews the questionnaire.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

After the review process, the resident is matched with an attorney with an office in or near their community. It’s then up to that resident to initiate the first contact; there are no obligations of any kind after the referral has been made. If they do decide to meet their recommended attorney, there’s a $35 fee for the first consultation.

Without realizing it, some residents may be matched with Jeremy Goldstein. It’s unlikely that Jeremy Goldstein’s name will be recommended by the LRIS, but it could happen. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best corporate lawyers in the country.

He has more than 15 years experience dealing with executive compensation and corporate governance. In fact, most of his clients are currently coming to him to talk about employee benefits and which compensation method is right for them.