What’s The Future of Dr. Clay Siegall?

If you’re interested in the fight against cancer, then you’ve probably heard of a man by the name of Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall stands at the forefront of the cancer-research community. He is known to be a philanthropist, a doctor, a scientist, an entrepreneur and an author. Dr. Siegall is highly educated thanks to attending multiple higher-learning facilities. This would include going to school at George Washington University as well as going to school at the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall has been able to earn wonderful accreditations in cancer research thanks to his Ph.D in Genetics and thanks to his undergraduate degree in Zoology.

Dr. Siegall just so happens to be the co-founder and the president of Seattle Genetics, and this oncology company has changed the game for the better. Seattle Genetics is located in beautiful Bothell, Washington, and it has been visited by important figures like former-Vice President Joe Bidden. Seattle Genetics is one of Puget Sound’s largest employers. Dr. Siegall has brought a lot of know-how to this company. He has worked with a number of high-profile companies such as Bristol Meyers Squibb and the National Institute of Health. Things were a bit hairy for Seattle Genetics in the beginning, but Dr. Siegall’s leadership provided viable solutions. Did you know that the face of this company is its actual sales staff? This is correct because the sales staff is what turned things around during the company’s struggling days.

Dr. Siegall’s business sense has helped the company to earn billions. By closing on multiple strategic deals with pharmaceutical giants, Seattle Genetics’ stock has roughly tripled in under a decade. Is there anything that this can’t do when it comes to cancer research? Well, Dr. Clay Siegall’s legacy has been set in stone and much bigger things are destined to happen in the immediate future.

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