Rick Shinto and His Management Skills at InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health is an organisation which comes up with many innovative solutions in the healthcare industry through its basic health plans and also having clinical networks all over. The company deals with different markets, and in each market, they have to come up with new ideas so that the patients together with other partners can have unlimited access to quality and also affordable healthcare. The organisation has been upfront in the provision of healthcare for more than a decade. Due to its affordability; InnovaCare caters for more than five hundred thousand livelihoods. The company has healthcare plans such as Medicare and Medicare Advantage which have received global recognition due to their reliable services. The company was started by Dr Rick Shinto in 1998 just after he began working as a physician in the NORTH American Medical Management. InnovaCare has mainly focused its services in Puerto Rico after they experienced the hurricane Maria which left the whole place in crisis.

InnovaCare assisted all the residents from Puerto Rico to have access to the medical plans put in place by the company where most of the beneficiaries were eligible for the medical care. The organization managed to hold a fundraiser to help those affected by the hurricane, and they were able to raise $4 million. This move was arrived at after the company saw how much trust the individuals had in InnovaCare and thus it was their duty to help them in this time of crisis. The funds helped over 4,000 residents who had no one to turn to especially in medical care. InnovaCare stepped in and gave support to the victims and eventually the company was recognised and awarded for helping the needy in Puerto Rico, and this earned them a high rating in two of their contracts, and more consumers saw the need to choose InnovaCare health plans because it was affordable and of good quality.

President Donald Trump held a meeting with individuals from the health sector, and it was also attended by Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at InnovaCare health. The meeting was to discuss the funds aimed at supporting Medicare plan in Puerto Rico after the crisis and the funds were increasing. The system was most popular among Puerto Ricans hence it required funds to manage it and prevent it from collapsing. In case this happened, people from Puerto Rico would choose to migrate to the States, and this would be more expensive since the medical aid prices would go up. After the meeting, the matter was looked into, and adjustments were made to assist in the healthcare of the Puerto Rico residents.


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