Victoria Doramus: Creating Life with a Purpose

Drug and alcohol addiction has a negative impact on the life of a person. To overcome addiction requires the individual to have the willpower to go through the detoxification process. One particular individual who persevered the process to gain sobriety is Victoria Doramus. She is a recovery expert based in London who struggled with substance and alcohol abuse.

The journey of Victoria Doramus towards recovery is one that offers inspiration to others struggling with similar problem. She says that during her addiction period, she had already hit rock bottom. However, the recovery process made her a stronger individual. In 2011, she checked herself to the rehab for the first time. During this period, she was 26 years and at the time was living in Arizona. Victoria Doramus narrates how she was not aware of the implications of addiction problem. Her life was already in disarray. She had lost everything she valued in her life due to drinking and abusing drugs. During the 2016 Thanksgiving Day, she got arrested as he continued abusing drugs.

In five years, Victoria Doramus moved to different places to seek help for her addiction problem. Finally, Victoria realized that it was either she overcomes her addiction or she was going to die. Each day brought new dawn towards her full recovery. Doramus was able to overcome her struggles after finding assistance that helped to heal her the way she wanted. This allowed her to get back on her feet. Also, it offered her an opportunity to move on with her life towards a new direction. Currently, Victoria has devoted her life to empowering people who are lost in substance abuse. She is using her skills to develop a halfway house in New York. The new focus she is engaged in has enabled her to create a life she was yearning away from addiction.

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