Using Technology as Intended – Greensky Credit

Companies around the globe have embraced technology as a means of replacing the human element. Robotic sales calls, software that provides credit approval or denial, and scripts for uneducated low-cost employees seem routine in generating business and caring for customers. David Zalik, CEO of Greensky Credit, dared to take a different approach and it paid off big.

Zalik has never been one to follow the masses in thinking. He tried entering the business world 3 times and failed 3 times. However, the knowledge that was gained through his real estate, web building and banking ventures helped him to create a more constructive future.

Greensky Credit was formed in 2006 with the idea of custom designing finance services to home contractors. It took a lot of involvement and negotiating to large corporations that were experts in the remodeling field, like Home Depot, Black & Decker and Benjamin Moore for Zalik to sell his idea.

The next step involved financial institutions that could make the money available. With money in hand, the old school method of hiring employees for loan servicing and contractor recruiting brought in the business. Contractors were able to sell their services, run credit applications and offer financing, all in one meeting with the client.

Zalik has proven to the world that technology does have its place but so do the 800 employees that keep his business running smoothly. Greensky Credit has replaced bank loans and high-interest credit card loans to help the public receive top-notch services from the contractor of their choice and at a reasonable cost.

David Zalik has proven that failure can be a learning experience to plan the road ahead. Greensky Credit is the result of hard work, thinking outside of the box, and why human computer robots are never going to work in business advancement. By proving how one idea can make millions, Zalik is now using GreenSky Credit to expand from home remodeling to other areas of financing.

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Co-hosts Two Wine Dinners In Support Of Fountain House

In order to raise money for the New York City nonprofit organization Fountain House one of its board of directors members, Jeremy Goldstein, co-hosted two private wine dinner events in May 2018. The other two hosts of this charitable event were Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. They brought together a group of high-profile New Yorkers and were able to raise more than $56,000 to help this nonprofit whose mission is to provide services to those with mental illnesses. Fountain House uses a self-help program where both men and women receiving therapy and drugs to treat their mental illness work with a professional staff.

Jeremy Goldstein called mental illness a global health epidemic and he described how this nonprofit does a fantastic job helping its members find and keep jobs. He said that hosting wine dinners is a great way to get wealthy people together and raise money for a great cause.

The first of these wine dinners was held on May 22nd. It was located on the NoMad Hotel’s rooftop and Chateau Latour’s wines were served to the attendees. This turned out to be one of the most successful private fundraisers of the year in New York City. Jeremy Goldstein and the other co-hosts then held a follow-up wine dinner on May 31st since the first one had so much success. $33,300 was raised at the first dinner while the second one raised another $23,000. The money goes directly to Fountain House and its mission to support those affected by mental illness.

Jeremy Goldstein has his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, which exclusively works on executive compensation issues. He and his team help CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees when issues arise regarding executive compensation, usually during transformative business events such as a mergers & acquisition. He is also the chairman of the board of the Mergers and Acquisitions Sub-committee which is part of New York’s American Bar Association Business Section.

Prior to opening his own law firm Jeremy Goldstein had worked for a few of New York City’s most prestigious law firms. He decided to strike out on his own after seeing that others in the legal industry had done so successfully. He thought about his particular legal niche and decided that he could do the same. He now spends his workdays advising clients about where their careers are going and what pay and compensation they can command.


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Graeme Holm’s Plan to Fix Loan Plans

Graeme Holm is an extremely passionate individual in the financial community. His career has spanned over 17 years, but it was his accumulated experience over the years that caused a shift in his future path. Graeme Holm realized that individuals were getting poor loan deals, so he sought to change that. Soon after, he founded Infinity Group Australia under that very vision. The website Blog Webpedia recently published an interview where they inquired about his business approach.


His years of experience had already made him aware that most families live paycheck to paycheck. Graeme Holm wanted to introduce a system where payments would not only be affordable but they would provide consolation at every stage of the process. He says they regularly have clients who pay off loans in 7-10 years. Infinity Group Australia has received positive reviews from all kinds of customers. They have developed a strong reputation within the community.


Numerous clients have reported how Infinity Group Australia helped them achieve their financial dreams. Graeme Holm credits two main components for his success: collaboration and customer service. It starts with sharing ideas with each other. Success and innovation can only came through with a team effort. Employees at this company are even strongly encouraged to share ideas through a suggestion box. While demonstrating to the community how much they give back through volunteering and charities to help get the word out.


Beyond his business, Graeme Holm is a regular person with a passion for business. His daily schedule is filled with a variety of activities split into 30 minute blocks. Tasks get divided into two categories, transactional and transformational, for business or regular work. He will conclude the day by reviewing his list and planning the next day. Staying on task and making sure tasks are completed in a timely manner is the key for a successful business.


The finance business world is full of steep competition, but Graeme Holm has been able to carve out his own niche in the industry. He offers an alternative service where clients can cut a safer loan and pay it off at a reasonable pace. Infinity Group Australia remains a proactive company through his community involvement and strong customer feedback. They have a strong future ahead and will remain a force to be reckon with in the market.

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