Victoria Doramus Tells People To Not Do Drugs

Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist who takes part in helping numerous causes. One big cause that is close to her is the issue of drugs. She feels that it is of utmost importance to tell people—especially teenagers—about the dangers of doing drugs. Drugs are very powerful and can ruin the lives of many people who do them. The damage extends to various extents. For example, a person may be able to hold a job, though his or her personal life and interpersonal relations may suffer as his or her personality changes.

Some people may suffer, both personally and professionally, when they do drugs. This is something that happened to Victoria Doramus. Her friends and family did not like the road that she was going down, so they stepped away from her. She ended up homeless and without employment. Meanwhile, she was able to get her hands on drugs, and frequently did them. She mainly abused stimulants, and was addicted to Adderall and cocaine. Another thing that she was addicted to was alcohol.

It was a good thing that Victoria Doramus stayed at rock bottom for a short while and was young, because she was easily able to build herself back up. Staying at rehab was not a new experience for her. However, up to the time that she hit rock bottom, every rehab stay turned out to be ultimately unsuccessful. After she was at the bottom, she attended a rehab stay that changed her life. Ever since then, she has been clean of drugs and is currently telling people to not form drug habits. Someone like her is needed in this day and age because drugs are constantly being pushed on people and made to look cool by the media. In reality, there is no beauty or fashion in taking drugs. The problems that they make for people are truly ugly and unpleasant. There is nothing to flaunt or brag about when taking drugs. A lot of people brag about drug use and there is a lot of peer pressure to do them.


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