Tough Lessons by Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal, one of the biggest household names in the marketing industry, gets her inspiration from the works and life of Steve Jobs. In her opinion, Steve was able to reflect leadership skills that were relevant to both the company and the persona of the employees. This boosted the morale and changed the culture of his company. As a result, Apple has become one of the most revolutionized companies in the 21st century. Lori’s best reads are Steve Jobs biography and articles on Apple’s uprising.


The most satisfying moments for Lori Senecal are always based on the contentment of her clients. She has realized that her gifting in building advertising and marketing technologies provides solutions to businesses today. As a result, she bases her future prospects on innovative and technology based marketing. Lori is of the opinion that the Internet has made the world a village, and if a marketer is to succeed, then they have to strongly consider using the Internet as an advertising platform.


Since her childhood, Lori got tremendous support from her parents and siblings. In one of her interviews, she pointed out that her upbringing played a major role in making her a success story. Her parents were keen to raise her with clear focus and mindset on personal goals. This kind of parenting prompted self-drive for Lori and became the ingredients to her exceptional character. For more details visit cpbgroup.



According to Fast Company, one of Lori’s tough moments is when she needs to talk to one of her teammates about their performance. She understands that most of the people on her team do their best, but unfortunately, there are instances when these individuals are unable to perform. As a result, she has to sit them down and try helping them out of their challenges. Lori says that compassion takes preeminence in most of her cases, but she is equally equipped on motivational talks to ensure the business does not go down because of her character. Check out Inspirery to see more.


In her experience, she has learned that the best way to pitch to a client is by first understanding their business process. That way, she is able to relate with the goals of the client and even do a good job at pitching her concept.





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Bob Reina: The Brain behind Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the renowned Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company that ventures in video marketing and was founded in the year 2007. The firm’s first project was Video Emailing which took the market by surprise. Bob Reina brings to the table over 20 years of rich experience in the field. Under his leadership, Bob has seen the company expand its markets and venture into new territories. Geared by the ideologies of hard work, success, and a passion for bringing change in the lives of others, Bob Reina continues to touch the lives of many around the globe.Learn more :


According to his interview with inspirery, Bob reveals that the idea to start Talk Fusion was as a result of the need to fill a gap that he realized had been there for the longest time. After spending ten years as a policeman, Bob felt that he needed a change to find fulfillment and help others as well. On one day while he was at his duty station, someone opened his eyes into the world of network marketing. After grabbing the opportunity that came his way, Bob faced several challenges before the business became a success.Watch here :


Bob Reina reveals that they make money when their clients do so. He says that he believes in determination and hard work to ensure that the end-result is successful. Mr. Reina says that Talk Fusion did not encounter many challenges as they provided the perfect product for the market.Learn more :


Bob is an all-rounded person and is always ready to offer his advice when needed and especially to IT experts. Bob Reina completed his studies at the University of Florida. Interesting to note, he was top of his class while at the Police Academy. According to his interview with ideamensch, Bob says that a typical day for him starts early in the morning around 5.30 am where he goes through his emails and plans for the day. He says that getting things done early is their culture at work which enables them to be always on toes.


Bob continues to say success is attributed to a person being persistent and having consistency in their undertakings. He reveals that the ability to make online video calls excites him as geographical location is no longer a barrier.



José Borghi is well known, throughout Brazil as a creative genius.

Jose Borghi, is the promotional video mind, who’s imaginative activities are behind the formation of his company, Mullen Lowe. They are Brazil’s unrivaled and much treasured promotional video enterprises. Jose’s most illustrious and gorgeous promotional videos, is called “Mammals Parmalat”. In this popular promotional video, shown throughout Brazil, displays children, artistically singing to, trendy jingles. The compelling aspect of this famous promotional video, is that the singing children are dressed to appear, as if they are stuffed animals.

Jose’s well deserved victories, throughout the promotional video arena, is unsurpassed. Jose’s artistic desires came out of his youth, while still in middle school. His sister, brought Jose with her, to a local theater, in hopes that Jose would profit from a chain of presentations, on highly creative promotional videos. They displayed a mixture of inventive promotional videos to watch. Everyone one of the showcased promotional videos, were known all throughout the country, for their distinctive dramatization. The promotional videos, which were showcased that day, were given a trophy. This was earned for their ingenuity, from the honored Film Festival, Cannes.  Specifically, golden lion trophies, a known symbol of the Cannes event.

A graduate of PUC Campinas, Jose graduated with a degree in Advertising. His first job, was at the Standart Ogilvy. He increased his knowledge, working at the esteemed Leo Burnett. Jose, with his company partner, Erh Ray, founded a promotional video venture, and named it, BorghiErh.

The name evolved, to Borghi Lowe, after Lowe purchased the venture. They flourished as a company, and combined with Lowe & the Mullen Group, to establish the brand, Mullen Lowe. for more.