Using Technology as Intended – Greensky Credit

Companies around the globe have embraced technology as a means of replacing the human element. Robotic sales calls, software that provides credit approval or denial, and scripts for uneducated low-cost employees seem routine in generating business and caring for customers. David Zalik, CEO of Greensky Credit, dared to take a different approach and it paid off big.

Zalik has never been one to follow the masses in thinking. He tried entering the business world 3 times and failed 3 times. However, the knowledge that was gained through his real estate, web building and banking ventures helped him to create a more constructive future.

Greensky Credit was formed in 2006 with the idea of custom designing finance services to home contractors. It took a lot of involvement and negotiating to large corporations that were experts in the remodeling field, like Home Depot, Black & Decker and Benjamin Moore for Zalik to sell his idea.

The next step involved financial institutions that could make the money available. With money in hand, the old school method of hiring employees for loan servicing and contractor recruiting brought in the business. Contractors were able to sell their services, run credit applications and offer financing, all in one meeting with the client.

Zalik has proven to the world that technology does have its place but so do the 800 employees that keep his business running smoothly. Greensky Credit has replaced bank loans and high-interest credit card loans to help the public receive top-notch services from the contractor of their choice and at a reasonable cost.

David Zalik has proven that failure can be a learning experience to plan the road ahead. Greensky Credit is the result of hard work, thinking outside of the box, and why human computer robots are never going to work in business advancement. By proving how one idea can make millions, Zalik is now using GreenSky Credit to expand from home remodeling to other areas of financing.