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Organo Gold Brews Up A Healthy Cup Of Coffee

There is no doubt that Organo Gold is not your average coffee. This instant coffee stands out among all coffees thanks to one special ingredient. That special ingredient is Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that is not used in cooking, but for medicinal purposes. The mushroom is commonly used within the Asian culture.Organo Gold CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua was already familiar with the mushroom and all of its positive health effects.

He knew that adding Ganoderma to an already great tasting coffee would only make the coffee better. He was the first person who was able to market the use of the mushroom in coffees and teas outside of Asia.Coffee is known for naturally containing antioxidants and other health benefits. The Ganoderma is added to Organo Gold to help boost the immune system. The herb is known to be the support system for healthy cell growth, which in turns strengthens the body’s immune system.

This means that Organo Gold coffee can help to prevent cancer. Studies have also shown that using Ganoderma can help to promote good cardio health. It can help to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. The mushroom also has a high concentration of antioxidants. The mushroom can be found as an ingredient in many of the products offered by Organo Gold.Ganoderma is not only known for its health benefits. The mushroom also has a slightly nutty flavor. This flavor helps to balance the rich flavored coffee.


Hussain Sajwani, the Expert behind the Success of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, a UAE national is an outstanding personality in the property development industry. Back in 2002, the exceptionally gifted business mogul founded his signature company, DAMAC Properties. The company is based in Dubai, with operations across the world. Today, the property firm is a market leader with over 2,000 workers, who have taken the company to significant levels. Since its inception, DAMAC Properties has completed more than 21,700 luxury housing units and has over 40,000 other units in different developmental stages.

Sajwani is well-known for his keen business eye and a rare ability to identify a business opportunity. In the years before he established DAMAC Properties, he was actively involved in the hospitality business, especially the building of hotels to accommodate a rising number of tourists and business people visiting Dubai. He realized the serious property gap that existed in the market and founded DAMAC Properties.

With his visionary leadership and unmatched skills in sales, marketing, finance, and legal affairs, Hussain Sajwani has steered DAMAC Properties to become a trendsetter in the luxury property development market, not just in The Middle East, but in the whole world. DAMAC Properties is involved in several high profile property development projects in major cities of the world like London, Beirut, Muscat, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Amman, and Riyadh among others.

Hussain Sajwani is also well-versed in other investment fields. Besides property development, he engages in capital markets and equities trading. Through DICO Investments Co LLC, Sajwani’s alternative investment vehicle, the business guru holds portfolios of securities in numerous worldwide and regional markets. DICO Investments Co. has focused on private equities, majority and minority holdings in public companies as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Hussain Sajwani is also a well-connected businessman. He has been involved in lucrative business deals with leading global businessmen like the current United States President Donald Trump. One such project is the golf club designed by Tiger Woods. The Trump Foundation will manage the project. The venture with the Trump Foundation has been very successful with the luxury units shooting to $2 billion regarding sales. Besides their business partnerships, President Donald Trump and Sajwani are close friends. They celebrated the New Year together as a family.

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Victoria Doramus Tells People To Not Do Drugs

Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist who takes part in helping numerous causes. One big cause that is close to her is the issue of drugs. She feels that it is of utmost importance to tell people—especially teenagers—about the dangers of doing drugs. Drugs are very powerful and can ruin the lives of many people who do them. The damage extends to various extents. For example, a person may be able to hold a job, though his or her personal life and interpersonal relations may suffer as his or her personality changes.

Some people may suffer, both personally and professionally, when they do drugs. This is something that happened to Victoria Doramus. Her friends and family did not like the road that she was going down, so they stepped away from her. She ended up homeless and without employment. Meanwhile, she was able to get her hands on drugs, and frequently did them. She mainly abused stimulants, and was addicted to Adderall and cocaine. Another thing that she was addicted to was alcohol.

It was a good thing that Victoria Doramus stayed at rock bottom for a short while and was young, because she was easily able to build herself back up. Staying at rehab was not a new experience for her. However, up to the time that she hit rock bottom, every rehab stay turned out to be ultimately unsuccessful. After she was at the bottom, she attended a rehab stay that changed her life. Ever since then, she has been clean of drugs and is currently telling people to not form drug habits. Someone like her is needed in this day and age because drugs are constantly being pushed on people and made to look cool by the media. In reality, there is no beauty or fashion in taking drugs. The problems that they make for people are truly ugly and unpleasant. There is nothing to flaunt or brag about when taking drugs. A lot of people brag about drug use and there is a lot of peer pressure to do them.


Freedom Checks Are Good Investment Opportunities that Will Produce Big Returns to the Investors

We live in a world full of many opportunities. Many people have been able to make tremendous financial gains by following expert financial advice and instinct. Well, Freedom checks are changing the economy. However, many are still in doubt of these investment opportunities for fear that they might be the next big scam awaiting to pull down millions of people as it falls.Matt Badiali, an expert in natural resources, disagrees with this notion. According to him,these checks will change the financial game by benefiting checks investors in the coming future. Matt who has taught geology at the Duke University and the University of North Carolina recently became famous after his video on checks went viral.

So what exactly are freedom checks? Well according to the Matt, freedom checks are investments made activities aimed at reaching energy independence in America. These investments come from companies that engage in production, storage, processing and transportation of natural resources in America.Since the decline in oil importation from the Middle East, oil and gas production in America has significantly increased. Companies involved in oil and gas productions have been experiencing massive growth.Financial experts checks predict that in the next 12 months, the companies will be paying out an estimate of $34.6 billion in freedom checks to their investors.They are similar to stocks in the market.

Their values are expected to rise drastically, and some companies could see gains as high as 39,832% with the lowest figures being$1000.These numbers have caused many to worry that freedom check could indeed be another scam.Contrary to public opinion, freedom checks are not scams. They fall under the Master Limited Partnership or MLPs. Master Limited Partnership refers to companies that issue these checks. These companies include the Bakken Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin, and other major oil and gas fields in the United States. All companies under the MLP umbrella pay out at least 90% of their incomes to investors.As an expert in the field, Matt has helped many people to make huge returns from a different investment project. He uses the same advice, which has enabled him, make huge turns from a different investment project over the years.

Stream Energy Gives Back

Stream Energy is a Texas based company that goes out of its way to give back to the community. Stream works with different charities and the community to help homeless people and other people in need, like the victims of Hurricane Harvey. This article will give you a little look into all the things that Stream Energy does to help out the community.

When Texas was down with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy came in to help swoop them back up on their feet. Using money they earned from their energy sales, they tried to help lift the financial burden off of their customers. Not only is the company using the money their customers paid in for energy to give back, but they are gaining respect and loyalty of even more customers. Stream works along side Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to help out community members.

Another thing that Stream Energy feels strongly about is homelessness. Stream goes above and beyond to help out those who are homeless, children especially. Stream Energy started a project called the Hope Supply Company. This company works with Stream each year to help cover the costs of admission and meals for homeless children to get a free day at a local water-park. For many of these children this may be the first and only time they get to visit a water-park. The Hope Supply Company also donates things like diapers, clothing, school supplies, food, and much more to children in need.

The Hope Supply Company and Stream Energy want to make sure no-one is left behind. Whether it is someone who is facing the aftermath of a natural disaster, or it is someone that is facing hardships and may be living on the streets Stream is there to help. Stream is working hard to make sure its employees are compassionate and driven to help out the community. This company is the prime example of how other companies should be when it comes to helping people out.

Fortress Investment Group: Ever Evolving Investment Firm

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as an equity firm. The asset management firm has seen it all. It has worked its way up to become one of the leading investment firms of our time, managing assets worth over $43 billion on behalf of more than 15 investors worldwide. The firm headed by Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randal Nardone who doubles up as its founders, is based in New York and it has over 900 employees.The firm specializes on capital markets, asset based investing, M&As, sector-specific knowledge and operations management.It is well-known around the world as the best choice for financial as well as physical assets management including financing, pricing as well as owning.Fortress Investment Group has overseen many mergers and acquisitions across various industries.

The firm also helps financially distressed companies to source for funds through the capital markets. Since its conception, it has maintained a rising growth trajectory.The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group hit headlines recently. The deal is estimated to be worth $3.3 billionaire. This deal came at a time when SoftBank was looking to be the world’s largest investment firm.SoftBank has been acquiring top rising tech companies and it has so far acquired more than 500 companies.The acquisition was put on a positive light as it emerged that it is going to benefit both SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group. Leaders from both ends welcomed the deal and Fortress was optimistic about the deal as it is going to improve its financial strategies.

SoftBank had prepared for this acquisition by putting in place policies and strategies that could help it in the investment management.It is also noted that Fortress will continue operating as normal. This SoftBank’s decision was informed by hurdles involved when altering the way the investment operates. It will continue managing its large pool of assets. This acquisition will see SoftBank move swiftly towards its goals.In a statement, Wes Edens, Fortress Investment Group’s founding principal, expressed his excitement about the deal, especially now that it is not going to be publicly traded. He likes the idea of Fortress privatizing its operations. Wes Edens believes that SoftBank is a reputable company that has performed very well in the market.

Ryan Seacrest Has A Full Plate

Most people know Ryan Seacrest as the face of the popular music competition American Idol and he will be returning to host another season. However, that is not all that he has on his plate. He is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Ryan Seacrest is one busy person. Not only can he be seen every weekend sitting next to Kelly Ripa on their talk show called Live with Kelly and Ryan, he can be heard on the radio. He is the host of On Air with Ryan Secrest. He can also be found in Time Square every New Year’s Eve being the host of the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

His accomplishments do not stop there. He is also very active behind the camera. He is the head of his own production company called Ryan Seacrest Productions. Seacrest’s production company is responsible for such shows as Keeping up with The Kardashians and the show’s many spinoffs, Shahs of Sunset, Shades of Blue, Insatiable, and more. Ryan talks about his work out here.

Ryan Seacrest is also an entrepreneur and has started a couple of businesses. They include a clothing line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction, which is only sold at Macy’s. He also has a skin line called Polish by Dr. Lancer. Dr. Harold Lancer is a famous dermatologist. He also has many long-standing endorsement contracts with several famous brands that include Ford and Coca-Cola.

Seacrest also believes in helping others. He is the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has open several broadcast media centers, called Seacrest Studios, in pediatric hospitals located throughout the country. Seacrest also sits on the board of the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art.


The Work of Eric Lefkofsky

Few entrepreneurs have achieved the level of success that Eric Lefkofsky has reached. A billionaire entrepreneur and investor, Lefkofsky has build his success by creating a number of innovative and thriving companies. Currently Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a skilled leader in providing technology based medical equipment. He has committed himself to building successful companies and giving back to others.Eric Lefkofsky is a native of Michigan. He grew up as part of a Jewish family. His mom worked as a teacher, his dad worked as an engineer. They modeled the value of hard work and Lefkofsky paid close attention to their example.

He worked hard and went on to graduate from the University of Michigan with honors. He would eventually go on to earn another degree, a Juris Doctor in 1993.Soon after college, Lefkofsky began working on his working career as a businessman. Working with his friend Brad Keywell he purchased his first company Brandon Apparel. The duo used a loan from their relatives to start the company. A few years later the duo began their second company Starbelly, a company that focused on promotional products. During this time Lefkofsky gained some valuable experience that helped him with his future companies.

Starbelly and Brandon Apparel were just the beginning for Eric Lefkofsky. Over the next few years he would create a number of successful companies which include InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, and One point would grow to be Lefkofsky’s successful venture yet. Today the company is known as Groupon. It has become recognized as the fastest growing company in history.Eric’s businesses have allowed him to earn billions of dollars. He has chosen to use that wealth to help others. Through his foundation, The Lefkofsky Foundation, he has worked to help students get a quality education. He has also worked to improve women’s rights across the country. Lefkofsky has proven he is not only focused on building great businesses, but also improving the community around him.

Alastair Borthwick: Acclaimed Author And Historian

Alastair Borthwick was a journalist, broadcaster and an acclaimed author who has written two famous books that are still in print. Alastair Borthwick was born in February, 1913 in Rutherglen, Scotland. His family moved to Glasgow when he was eleven years old.

Alastair Borthwick began his career in journalism in 1929, at the age of 16, with the Glasgow Herald. He transcribed phone-ins from corespondents and later as an editor, worked on some of their featured pages including “Open Air”. As mentioned on, Alastair generated controversy by covering the Glasgow working class who would take to rock-climbing in the Highlands which was typically reserved for the privileged. Then in 1935, Alastair went to work for the Daily Mirror but did not really care for living in London. A year later, he returned to Glasgow and began working in radio broadcasting, for the BBC.

In 1939, his first book “Always A Little Further”, was a collection of the works he had written while at the Glasgow Herald, but not without the same controversy which surrounded the original articles, when they were first published. However, at the insistance of famous poet, T.S. Eliot who was one of the directors at Faber’s Publishing at the time, the book was published and is still considered one of the best books written on one of Scotland’s favorite outdoor activities.

In 1946, after World War II in which Alastair was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the 5th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders, he was asked to write about the Battalion and first-hand soldiers’ accounts on the front-line battles and trials they faced while confronting their enemies places like Italy, North Africa and Europe. His book titled “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th(Caithness and Sutherland)Battalion, the Seaford Highlanders” won tremendous acclaim.

After the war, Alastair Borthwick worked for the BBC in broadcasting until he retired in the early 1970’s. He moved his wife, Anne and their son to Ayrshire. His wife whom he married in 1940, passed away a few months before Alastair who passed away in September, 2003. He is survived by his son, Patrick.


New CEO Of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, Is Looking Forward To Change

Papa John’s has faced some big issues lately, but their new CEO Steve Ritchie believes he and his team have what it takes to make their business better than it ever was before. He understands that many of their customers have lost their trust in the company and he is taking the steps to remedy these feelings and prove to them that Papa John’s is ready to change.

Steve Ritchie holds true to their P.A.P.A motto, People Are Always Priority. While these may just seem like words to some, this mission is paramount in the process to rebuild their company. He recently traveled to many different franchise locations like those in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago to be able to speak to the owners and especially the employees to see what he could do to help their success. After all. without their dedicated employees, Papa John’s is nothing.

Being able to hear first-hand accounts of what the company needed to change was very important for Steve Ritchie Papa Johns. While as a CEO he can look at the picture overall, without talking to those on a franchise level he won’t know many of the details that need to be addressed. These discussions were hard to say the very least, but they were absolutely integral in Steve Ritchie’s plan.

These franchise owners looked fondly at their employees as if they were part of their own family. They shared good times and bad and Steve Ritchie saw how the problems with the business were hurting them personally. He knew that he had to make things better for all of them, including the customers and employees.

This is what the mission of Steve Ritchie is. He knows that he needs to listen and he needs to instigate the change that Papa John’s needs to heal the lost trust with their customers base. While employees may not have felt that their voices were being heard in the past, Steve Ritchie vows to change this. It may big a big journey ahead for the company, but the new CEO has the fortitude to get through it. See this open letter from Ritchie.

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