Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is holding the position of the Chief Executive Officer is a famously known firm by the name OSI Group whereby he emerges to be the chairman of the same organization.

Furthermore, he is the current CEO of the OSI international foods that deal with the delivery of the quality food material globally to its clients; mainly beef associated food products.

Moreover, he is serving the position of the General Trustee of Rush University, whereby the University is majorly skewed towards offering medical related courses. Also, Sheldon Lavin at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation he delivered quality services at the position of the director where he provided services that were meant to take the company in the positive trajectory.

At OSI Group Sheldon Lavin, played a role in planning the utilization of the available funds in the corporation which leads the company in achieving its agenda and goals since he had already worked at the managerial level in the previous career. Also, he worked as the bank executive through which he learns skills and knowledge that enabled him to sail in the business world that demands experience.

Moreover, to ensure the success of the OSI Group was at stake, Sheldon Lavin laid down sustainability strategies whereby he provided that the firm got pivot via the developments efforts as well as research robustness. With him, in the vital position among other leaders, the firm managed to generate other two innovation centers where one was located in China while the other one was geographically located in the United States of America.

The facilities generated by the corporation were meant to be the core of the growing techniques that will, in turn, assist in the process of lessening the environmental impact of OSI’s remote operations. Chairman of OSI presence in the corporation was the most vital ingredient in the organization whereby his efforts have seen him being awarded prestigious accolades not only by him but also but by the firm as well. The deliverance of quality products under his leadership has played a significant role in retaining the company’s clients as well as wooing more customers into the firm thus skyrocketing the returns.

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Ronald Fowlkes: Unparalleled in His Field

Every day, Ronald Fowlkes strives to be an asset in his position at Eagle Industries Unlimited. There is no question the company is a better place simply because of the wealth of experience Fowlkes has in a number of different fields. His extensive experience began with serving in the Navy Marine Corps as a veteran of the First Gulf War. He was awarded twice for merit, and then went on to become employed as a Department of Defense Contractor. During his tenure with DoD, he worked on mounted and dismounted infantry logistics in combat zones. He also instructs U.S. military personnel in tactical operations, hostage rescue, collecting evidence, analysis of a blast after the fact, and questioning individuals who have been detained or captured.


Fowlkes has 13 years of law enforcement experience to boot. He served 10 years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department. For seven of those years he had the privilege of serving on the St. Louis HRT Team.


He became a team leader in 2003, and almost immediately became well-regarded for his leadership in the fields of tactical operations, gang activity investigations, illegal gun trafficking, and illegal narcotics in some of St. Louis’ most dangerous neighborhoods. He also was responsible for helping the unit act as a WMD response team and a Civil Team.


Fowlkes current position with Eagle Industries Unlimited began in July 2008. In this role he is responsible for being the director of business, and calling on a number of commercial customers throughout the United States. He is committed to answering any questions they might have about his products, and he believes his wealth of experience has been a huge asset to him in this current role.


Eagle Industries Unlimited is one of the worldwide leaders in tactical gear. They have a wide variety of products that Ronald Fowlkes markets on a daily basis. These would include armor carriers, chest rigs, hydration equipment, pouches, pockets, cases, harnesses, belts, and even slings and holsters. These are all products that Fowlkes has used for his whole entire career. Considering the fact he is familiar with these products, the Eagle Industries client can be assured that he has the expertise to answer all of your questions about each and every one.


Mike Baur Thrives in Entrepreneurship

Despite being successful in banking, Mike Baur chose to switch career and pursue his passion in entrepreneurship. Amid significant challenges in the technology industry, Mike decided to take a risk and started the Swiss Startup Factory, Switzerland’s leading ICT startup accelerator. Working in the bank made him conversant with entrepreneurial challenges. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur focuses on helping entrepreneurs make strategic and informed financial decisions. Besides helping entrepreneurs in financial planning, SSUF mentors, and coaches aspiring tech entrepreneurs.


Career Journey


Mike Baur attributes the success of his company, Swiss Startup Factory to the loyal customer base he has built since its inception in 2014. Dozens of entrepreneurs who have worked with the Swiss startup Factory have made significant strides in the world of business. They have not only expanded their ventures but also made profitable financial investments. Having spent over two decades in the banking sector, Mike Baur has extensive experience and knowledge in navigating business trends. While working at UBS bank, Mike would collaborate with business gurus and financial services advisors. As such, he feels right at home running a company that helps entrepreneurs hone their financial management skills.


According to Mike Baur, working as a banker was not coincidental. Banking helped him learn about financial management and investment. The knowledge he acquired in his banking career equipped him to run a successful startup. As a budding entrepreneur, look for a profession that matches the industry you want to venture into in the future. Going by Mike Baur’s career, it’s clear that an entrepreneur must be willing to take risk and face setback. Entrepreneurship is not always linear as most people would think. You have to utilize opportunities as they arise. Entrepreneurship is like a war zone where the opponent can rip off your master plan on the first contact. As an entrepreneur, grab any opportunity that knocks, as it rarely knocks twice. Emulate Mike Baur’s attitude of open-mindedness and flexibility, and you will go places.


Besides business, Mike spends much time mentoring Swiss youth on entrepreneurship during his free time. Helping young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the market not only results in success but creates an opportunity for them to hone their skills and extend their professional horizons. Mike attributes his business success to personalized attention to customer needs. That helped him to develop relevant business ideas and stand out from the competition amid consistent changes in the business environment.


Bob Reina: The Brain behind Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the renowned Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is a company that ventures in video marketing and was founded in the year 2007. The firm’s first project was Video Emailing which took the market by surprise. Bob Reina brings to the table over 20 years of rich experience in the field. Under his leadership, Bob has seen the company expand its markets and venture into new territories. Geared by the ideologies of hard work, success, and a passion for bringing change in the lives of others, Bob Reina continues to touch the lives of many around the globe.Learn more :


According to his interview with inspirery, Bob reveals that the idea to start Talk Fusion was as a result of the need to fill a gap that he realized had been there for the longest time. After spending ten years as a policeman, Bob felt that he needed a change to find fulfillment and help others as well. On one day while he was at his duty station, someone opened his eyes into the world of network marketing. After grabbing the opportunity that came his way, Bob faced several challenges before the business became a success.Watch here :


Bob Reina reveals that they make money when their clients do so. He says that he believes in determination and hard work to ensure that the end-result is successful. Mr. Reina says that Talk Fusion did not encounter many challenges as they provided the perfect product for the market.Learn more :


Bob is an all-rounded person and is always ready to offer his advice when needed and especially to IT experts. Bob Reina completed his studies at the University of Florida. Interesting to note, he was top of his class while at the Police Academy. According to his interview with ideamensch, Bob says that a typical day for him starts early in the morning around 5.30 am where he goes through his emails and plans for the day. He says that getting things done early is their culture at work which enables them to be always on toes.


Bob continues to say success is attributed to a person being persistent and having consistency in their undertakings. He reveals that the ability to make online video calls excites him as geographical location is no longer a barrier.



How Is Arthur Becker Investing In New York Real Estate

There are some fine places within New York that potential investors can target, and every individual who is keen on investing may search for Arthur Becker as a role model. Arthur Becker began his profession in technology, and currently he is shifting to real estate. Becker has major plans to invest within New York estate in townhomes on Sullivan Street. He has taken possession in the townhomes as part of shares exchange, and he will utilize the townhomes as his first key rentals. It is very critical to recollect that one investment property will work out well in New York, and three contiguous spaces within the city constitute a tiny complex. And Becker is holding these great properties due to their prestige and location.

The area at Sullivan Street is within Soho is where the great people of the city wish to dwell. It is a dazzling neighborhood, and it is a place where everybody in the city loves to visit. Somebody who needs to live in some of the most-prestigious neighborhoods in America should ensure they have investigated what Arthur brings to the table, and will get each of his townhomes to be beautiful properties.

About expanding, when interviewed by, Becker may move past the three properties he possesses, and each of them will guarantee the business to develop. He has the funding to proceed with different properties presently that he is getting rent from three costly townhomes; he may turn into the next giant player of real estate sector of the City.

Everybody who looks forward to get involved with New York real estate will discover the profession of Arthur Becker intriguing. His has made a fresh start with three townhomes he has obtained, and he may utilize the townhomes on Sullivan Street for more future purchases. He is turning into an investor who is adapting New York as he appreciates the townhomes he presently possesses.

Arthur is Chairman and CEO of Zinio. Recently, he was the CEO at NaviSite, a NASDAQ cited organization that gave innovation and application administration administrations to clients in the US & UK from 2002-2010. With workplaces in the US, UK & India, NaviSite offered cloud-based application management and data center hosting to various enterprises.