Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Remarkable Leaders at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is the perfect example of an integrated healthcare firm that strives to improve lives by offering value-based care. Moreover, it takes pride in a team of preeminent and experienced leaders. The leaders use their expertise and proven records to help the organization effectively meet and exceed the increasing demands in the healthcare industry.

Through leveraging both operational and operational skills of the leaders, the organization gives its partners confidence by tapping available opportunities for improved quality, engagements, and margins using a value-based model. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the two leaders whose contributions have significantly enhanced the growth and development of this healthcare organization.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto currently serves as the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health. With his vast experience of more than twenty-five years in clinical and operational healthcare, he has a lot to offer in managed care. Also, he presents a proven track record in innovative models with a focus on improving the quality of services, clients’ satisfaction, as well as the financial performance of the organization. Shinto also sits as the CEO of various subsidiaries owned by InnovaCare such as MMM Healthcare.

Prior to his debut in InnovaCare Health, he served different roles in various organizations in the healthcare industry such as Aveta Inc., Medical Pathways, and MedPartners among others.

Under Shinto’s management, MMM Healthcare has grown to be Puerto Rico’s oldest and largest Advantage Plan in the provision of Medicare. Today, it has over 250,000 lives under its wings.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer since mid-2015. Before this role, she worked at this healthcare company as the COO and deputy president for its clinical operations. Kokkinides boasts of over 20-years’ experience in the healthcare industry. She primarily deals with government-based programs, that is, Medicare and Medicaid as well as the field of managed care. Throughout her career journey, Kokkinides has acquired a robust knowledge base and skills on how to develop clinical programs and control processes in healthcare. Her efforts seek to improve efficiency in operations and structure of the organization.

Before her current role at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Centerlight HealthCare. Here, her primary task involved managing the overall business of the organization and overseeing the strategic course in its managed care department. Kokkinides also held other prestigious positions in different healthcare organizations including Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice.

For Kokkinides, the educational qualifications in biological sciences, classical languages, social work, public health, as well as alcohol and drug abuse has been a significant stepping stone for her career.


Gareth Henry: Star Slugger and Ace

Gareth Henry has more of a similarity to baseball phenom Shohei Otani than you might think. Otani is the rare player that can pitch as well as bat. While most players would have to focus on one or the other, Otani has excelled on both sides of the ball.

So has Gareth Henry. With a stellar background in mathematics, Gareth would have been forgiven for settling in for a life of crunching numbers, but his ability to connect with clients and his work colleagues meant that a career dealing with people came just as easily. Gareth Henry found the perfect outlet for his array of skills. As the Head of Investor Relations, Global Head of IR for Fortress Investment Group followed by the same role at Angelo Gordon, Gareth can use his ability with numbers and his ability to connect with investors throughout the world. Gareth is now based in London and at just 32 years of age the only thing that may be as impressive as what he has done, is what he might still achieve. Check more at clearvoice.com

The baseball analogy does not end there. Just like Otani’s fastball and curveball, Gareth Henry is in constant motion. He is never content just staying in place, and he is always looking out for the next way to help his clients. Just like Otani looks for his catcher for assistance, so Gareth is never afraid to ask his colleagues to help him, and likewise he is always available to help others. Gareth takes hundreds of calls a month to better understand his clients and their needs, and he knows, just like every batter Otani faces, each of his clients is different and Gareth has to provide a unique service for each of them. It would have been easy for Gareth to focus on one area, but just like Otani, he wants to be a superstar in every aspect of his career.

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Stream Energy Gives Back

Stream Energy is a Texas based company that goes out of its way to give back to the community. Stream works with different charities and the community to help homeless people and other people in need, like the victims of Hurricane Harvey. This article will give you a little look into all the things that Stream Energy does to help out the community.

When Texas was down with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy came in to help swoop them back up on their feet. Using money they earned from their energy sales, they tried to help lift the financial burden off of their customers. Not only is the company using the money their customers paid in for energy to give back, but they are gaining respect and loyalty of even more customers. Stream works along side Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross to help out community members.

Another thing that Stream Energy feels strongly about is homelessness. Stream goes above and beyond to help out those who are homeless, children especially. Stream Energy started a project called the Hope Supply Company. This company works with Stream each year to help cover the costs of admission and meals for homeless children to get a free day at a local water-park. For many of these children this may be the first and only time they get to visit a water-park. The Hope Supply Company also donates things like diapers, clothing, school supplies, food, and much more to children in need.

The Hope Supply Company and Stream Energy want to make sure no-one is left behind. Whether it is someone who is facing the aftermath of a natural disaster, or it is someone that is facing hardships and may be living on the streets Stream is there to help. Stream is working hard to make sure its employees are compassionate and driven to help out the community. This company is the prime example of how other companies should be when it comes to helping people out.


A Heads Up: Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is a man who knows a thing or two about the investment market. He currently lives in New York City and runs his own investment firm. The company is called Kerrisdale Capital Management and it was founded in 2009. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in economics from Yale Univesity in 2003. Since then he has studied investment trends for other firms until he went on his own. In an article for Phillypurge.com, Sahm Adrangi was one of a dozen speakers at an all-day conference on successful short selling.

The conference was called The Art, Pain, and Opportunity of Short Selling. The conference was held at the New York Athletic Club. Sahm Adrangi was one of the early speakers at the conference. Other speakers like David Einhorn and Soren Aandahl also contributed to the proceedings. The guests were treated to a breakfast and heard first from the main speaker Whitney Tilson.

After Tilson finished Sahm Adrangi took the stage and presented a very effective speech on the topic of “Ad Fraud Opportunities”. Many of the people who attended the conference said that the speech was relevant and timely. This kind of fraud has increased in many companies over the past few years and Adrangi shed a light on this particular topic. Ad fraud can also play havoc with the future price of a stock for a company as well. This is what Sahm Adrangi is known for in investment circles.

He is an expert at being able to predict when news about a company stock is fraudulent or not. He has done extensive research on different companies and has been able to expose fraudulent practices so the SEC can forcibly take action. This kind of determination has helped Kerrisdale become a multi-million dollar firm in a very short span of time.

Sahm Adrangi has been able to give the investment world a heads up on the problem of ad fraud. Now companies can take preventative measures to make sure news is factual and legitimate. In the investment world of today, it can make all the difference to a company.


OG Juan Does Business With The Elite Names Of Hip Hop

OG Juan Perez has carved out a solid place for himself on the business side of Hip Hop. He has a an impressive resume that includes work with Rockefeller Records and legendary rapper Jay-Z. OG Juan was the manager of the studios where Rockefeller Records was building its world-wide influence. The two men were introduced by Kareem Biggs Burke. Jay-Z and OG Juan made a connection right away. It was a matter of time before they would enter into business together.

OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z’s first business endeavor was the 40/40 nightclub in New York. The 40/40 Club remains as a symbol of success between two business giants. They later discussed the idea of going into the world of sports. It took some time for the business model to develop, but eventually OG Juan and Jay-Z came up with the concept of Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation Sports is an agency is looking to bring a new attitude into representing professional athletes. Both Jay-Z and OG Juan Perez had grown sick of the narrative that had professional athletes going broke after illustrious careers.

Roc Nation is the parent company of Roc Nation Sports. OG Juan Perez is the President of Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation is managed by Desiree Perez. Desiree is the wife of OG Juan. She is in charge of the contracts at Roc Nation and has negotiated some of its most successful business deals. OG Juan Perez and Desiree are both noted members of the HOVA Circle of Influence. The Hova Circle of Influence are Jay-Z’s closest confidants. These are the people that Jay-Z entrust with the empire that he envisioned.

OG Juan Perez celebrated his 50th birthday with his wife Desiree, Jay-Z and several others in New York City. It was a night to remember as the group ran up a $100,000 tab by visiting New York’s hottest nightclubs. They ordered expensive menu items throughout the evening. The Press automatically assumed that Jay-Z took charge of such a whopping bill. However, it was found out that OG Juan Perez covered the expenses.