Meet the Great Investor and Unmatched Economist: Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman started at the Banyan Hill Publishing, in the year 2013. Currently, he is the author of the Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman Newsletter as well as Plan B Club. He specializes in privacy, asset protection, internal migration issues as well as low-risk investment strategies. Ted now lives with his family in Atlanta.

Ted has constantly spent his entire life assist individuals to directly benefit from the available resources they have so as to live a sovereign life which is free from corporate greed or government interference or oversight. Bauman was born Washington and raised in Maryland’s eastern shore and the migrated to South Africa. In South Africa, he joined the University of Cape Town and graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics and History.

In his 25-year career journey, Bauman has served in several executive roles in some nonprofit organizations. He worked as a fund manager in the low-cost house programs and also played a significant role in the formation of the Slum Dwellers International, which has assistant more than 14 million individuals in almost 35 countries countrywide.

Ted Bauman later worked as a private consultant in research and extensively wrote on finance, on planning issues as well as on housing for different clients including World Bank, United Nations, the European agencies as well as the South African Government. In 2008, Ted Bauman went back to the United States and served as a Director of International Housing Programs at the Habitat for Humanity International. He, however, he later went to work as a full-time writer and researcher.

His entire career has helped him in traveling to various parts of the world and visiting more than 75 countries including Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe as well as the Caribbean. The traveling has equipped him with the necessary experience to be a profitable investor and great businessman. Whether you are seeking to get a bank to store your gold, any quality health care in Costa Rica or a great property along with an ocean, Ted gives incredible solutions tailored to fit any kind of needs you may have.

Ted Bauman writes on the daily newspaper labeled Sovereign Investor Daily. He has been featured in several other internal journals such as the Small Enterprise Development, Journal of microfinance and South African Press.