Amway Heir Dick DeVos Is A Republican Donor With Big Charter School Plans

The DeVos name in Michigan is like the Kennedy name in Massachusetts. Those two names symbolize political and social movements. The Kennedy’s are the popular liberals, and the DeVos name is part of the conservative engine that is trying to revolutionize the public school system. Dick DeVos, the Amway heir and the former CEO of the company, has always had political aspirations.



Dick ran for governor in 2006, and he continues to donate millions to the Republican cause. But all his donations didn’t mean much on a countrywide scale until Donald Trump went to Washington. Trump saw something in Dick’s wife, Betsy and he liked what he saw. Trump thought he could use Betsy to disrupt the education department, so he gave Betsy the nod to be education secretary. That nod is still an issue with millions of people who believe Betsy is trying to turn public schools into for-profit businesses.



In order to understand Dick’s political motives, it’s important to understand his religious convictions. Dick and Betsy are Calvinistic Christians. They believe religion should be part of a public education platform. But Betsy is not actively pursuing a marriage between the church and the public education system yet. Dick is a strong supporter of the charter school system, and Betsy is pushing the voucher and charter school system they support in Michigan, nationwide.



Mr. DeVos and his family foundation give millions to other causes like the Grand Rapids Children’s Hospital, and the aviation charter high school Dick founded at the Grand Rapids International Airport. In 2000, Dick tried to get his tax-funded voucher program passed so low- income students could go to private schools, but he didn’t get enough support to make that happen. So Betsy is taking the voucher concept nationwide, and she is getting the same kind of reception Dick got in Michigan in 2000.



But Dick isn’t a guy who wallows in his failures. In a recent HBO documentary that some people call a “combative interview,” Dick said the Michigan charter school system is producing positive results. According to Correspondent Gianna Toboni, the Michigan public school system is a mess. She said the low-income families in Detroit and other Michigan cities blame DeVos for putting the charter school program in place without considering what it would do the current public schools. But Dick DeVos said that is the nature of competition. Not everybody wins when a new school concept takes over.



Reforming the public education system is one of Dick’s priorities. He is a former member of the Michigan school board, so he knows the internal workings of school boards, and he believes all school boards need updating. He wants to be part of the group that offers students and their families alternatives to the old and somewhat out of sync public school system. And Dick has the money, and the power to make a difference in Michigan. And he has the education secretary on his side to make a difference in the public school system nationwide.


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Michael Lacey A Major Force In The World of Cutting-Edge Mathematics

Michael T. Lacey may not have the status of a rock star, sports figure or Hollywood celebrity, but the importance of the contributions he has made to science, society and the world certainly eclipses the accomplishments of any entertainment personality.


Michael Lacey is an American mathematician who has earned an international reputation as one of the most important research scientists in the world.


His work in the area of Banach spaces and bilinear Hilbert transform have had enormous significance and practical application across a wide array of scientific areas.


Lacey earned his doctorate (Ph.D.) in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. He completed his research there under the direction of the world-renowned math innovator Dr. Walter Philip. Working with Philip, Michael Lacey was able to produce a proof of the almost sure central limit theorem.


After a stint at the University of Illinois, Lacey moved on to hold a professorship at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. He was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship while at Indiana. Lacey has also held positions at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


His current base of operation is the prestigious Georgia institute of Technology. It is here that Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship. With that he has brought out yet more ground-breaking mathematical discoveries.


In 1996, Michael Lacey was also awarded one of the highest honors in the world of math – the Salem Prize, established in 1968. The award is the namesake of legendary Greek mathematician Raphaël Salem. This honor was the result of Lacey’s collaboration with Christoph Thiele of Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany. The pair worked on Calderón’s bilinear Hilbert transform which resulted in the development of a new method for phase space analysis – a remarkable achievement that few thought possible for years to come.


Lacey became a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012, cementing his status among the most honored mathematicians in the world.


All this, and the remarkable career of Michael Lacey is far from over. He continues to pursue and grapple with cutting-edge mathematical challenges as the world awaits his next discovery.

Josh Smith Loves Efficiency

Josh Smith is an entrepreneur who has a substantial amount of experience under his belt. He’s certainly not new to the world of entrepreneurship. He’s participated in a broad range of entrepreneurial projects during his time on the planet so far. Josh Smith serves as the CEO a number of startup businesses. These startups are part of the sustainable technologies and wellness worlds. Smith is the type of person who genuinely adores doing good for the planet. That’s why he enjoys establishing companies that span many diverse industries.
Josh Smith has been hard at work as an entrepreneur in Reno, Nevada, for more than 17 years. That’s the reason he’s such an experienced and seasoned powerhouse. He has a lot of experience in subjects that help his career in many ways. These subjects are export logistics, import logistics, international operations, regulatory guidelines, manufacturing guidelines, customs approaches and compliance.

Josh Smith cares about young people. Children are near and dear to his heart and have always been. He wants to do anything and everything in his power to help children get the opportunities they deserve in this life.  Because of his beliefs, Josh Smith aims to provide elementary schools around the United States with access to gardening programs and greenhouses.

Smith wanted to be an entrepreneur out of pure practicality. He’s the type of person who is constantly shocked by inefficiency and lack of organization. He comes across things on a regular basis that honestly don’t work in the right manner. He finds it frustrating to deal with time-consuming and stressful tasks. That’s why he works hard to make life a lot easier and more hassle-free for people. He has an enthusiasm for learning the fundamentals of things. He likes to learn about how all kinds of things operate. If Smith encounters a problem, he likes to troubleshoot it as soon as possible. He likes to simplify and streamline tasks of all varieties. Reno’s Josh Smith is perpetually busy. He’s always involved in many diverse projects.

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Providing Awareness of a Revolutionary Mouse Pad Workstation: NewsWatch TV review

When Contour Design first approached NewsWatch TV, their ultimate goal was to create awareness of a new ergonomic mouse that would lesson wrist strain. They needed to increase the exposure to the new product to their target audience in the US. NewsWatch TV provided the means to get the word out. Brad Hudson, Contour Design’s product marketing manager liked the fact that NewsWatch TV was willing to work with him and the other members of his marketing team to get the message out.


Hudson understood that this new product would revolutionize the way that people interacted with their computers. The greatest feature of the new product would be the ergonomic mouse that would provide a cushion for wrists. It was important for the whole marketing team that the benefits of the new workstation would be emphasized.


NewsWatch TV executives worked closely with Hudson during the production phase of the project. NewsWatch TV production crews provided Hudson and his marketing teams with analysis and quality control so the target market would be saturated by the product’s message. NewsWatch TV’s expert handling of the production video and presentation over their review segment provided the needed boost in sales Contour Design needed.


NewsWatch TV reviews segments are popular because they provide needed information on a variety of technical, retail and product reviews. Contour Design’s new ultimate workstation was warmly received by the target audience. Hudson’s experience with NewsWatch TV’s professional staff made a big difference in creating the needed awareness.


Hudson’s experience is not unique. NewsWatch TV has a wide range of technology driven companies that vie to be featured on their informative and thought provoking segments. Celebrities are regularly featured using products and services that they endorse. The segments are often entertaining with a variety of consumer reports on popular products and services.


Betsy DeVos; Bring About Educational Reforms Using Philanthropy

Elisabeth Dee “Betsy” DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan in 1958. She is a businesswoman, activist, and philanthropist with proven leadership and advocacy track record in education, business, and politics.

She currently serves as the 11th U.S Secretary for Education in the Trump administration.

With over 35 years of experience in politics, Betsy DeVos is a staunch advocate for the promotion of school choice and quality education for all. Today, she concentrates her political ventures on the advancement of educational options.

She has been a leader in advocating for educational reforms in the U.S by breaking down institutional barriers. This creates an enabling environment where individuals are offered the opportunity to thrive.

Betsy DeVos attended the Holland Christian High School and then went on to advance her education, where she graduated with a B.A in business economics.

She set off her political career by volunteering for the sitting president in 1976. After this period, she started participating in local state Party as a precinct delegate.

Betsy DeVos participated on the panel for the National Republican Committee for Michigan between 1992 and 1997. This has enabled her to serve twice as the Michigan Republican Party chairwoman.

She married her husband, Dick DeVos, an entrepreneur, and active philanthropist. The two have a long-standing commitment to conservative political and social causes. To date, they have given over $139 million in charitable donations, as well as political committees and candidates.

She is the former chairwoman of the Windquest Group, an investment management firm she started with her husband, based in Michigan.

In 1989, they launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, aimed at nurturing leadership and wholesome societal transformation by focusing on thematic areas such as the arts, community, education, justice, and leadership.

To this end, the Foundation has supported various organizations including the Center for Individual Rights, the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, Focus on the Family, and Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center. The foundation has also offered support to art endeavors such as the DeVos Institute of Arts Management and ArtPrize. Visit their foundation at

Betsy DeVos has also served on the boards of several philanthropic causes. Owing to her commitment to social advancement, Betsy has offered assistant to players in the health sector, free market think tanks, Christian organizations, and most importantly, the education sector.

She advocates for education in the U.S to be opened for-profit institutions that will offer parents more choice. The use of school vouchers will enable students to study in private schools using public sector funding.

To support this cause, she founded All Children Matter PAC in 2003. This was to be used to promote school vouchers and tax credits for those who offer their support, as well as to offer private school scholarships.

Betsy DeVos has also partnered with other organizations such as the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program, and much more in her advocacy for educational and social change.