U.S. Money Reserve And Barrett-Jackson, Two Top Names In Collectables Team Up

When it comes to collections it seems that everyone collects something at some point in their life. What would be the point of collecting be of you couldn’t share your collectable items with others of like mind? That’s what Barrett-Jackson has been doing at their car auctions for years. This company is known around the world for their auto auctions.

U.S. Reserve has linked up as an Official Sponsor of the 47th Annual Scottsdale Auction. This show is a highly televised event that features world class automobiles and highly collectable vehicles like the rare McLauren P1 GTR thats on display this year.

This rare and exceptional vehicle has just over 600 miles on it and is surely a sight to be seen. If you want the car bad enough and qualify, you might be able to own this rare beauty. However, if you are looking for something more affordable to add to your collection the folks from U.S. Money Reserve can help.

The folks at U.S. Money Reserve are experts in the area of precious metals. Things like coins made from gold, silver and platinum are right up the alley of fine collectables that you can own for an affordable cost.

When it comes to owning gold or any metal of value, some companies tell you to buy the metal and send you a simply certificate that simply says that you own the gold. They keep the gold in the safe for you and you never see it or get to touch it. This is not how it works with U.S. Money Reserve. This company ships the coin collection direct to your door.

Because they are a global leader in the world of collectable coins and precious metal, U.S. Money Reserve can offer the most amazing collectables at a great price. Teaming up with Barrett-Jackson and becoming their official sponsor is a winning situation for everyone involved.

One reason is that people who have collections often collect more than just one thing. As a result, U.S. Money Reserve can be on hand to answer any questions the 200,000 plus attendees might have about gold, silver and platinum collecting. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html and http://www.myndnow.com/news/bismarck-news/oil-production-to-dip-below-one-million-barrel-per-day-mark

Like other companies, U.S. Money Reserve has adjusted with the times. They have a wonderful new website that shows off the collectable coins that anyone can purchase and collect. Imagine having a set of coins made from gold, silver or platinum shipped right to your home or office.

Once you get them, you can put them in your safe or coffee table or most anywhere. PR Newswire says that that’s the fun part of buying coins from U.S. Money Reserve. They are a name you can trust and rely on to get you the most amazing coins direct to your door.