Inside the Mind of Daniel Mark Harrison

Who is Daniel Mark Harrison?

Journalist, blogger, and author Daniel Mark Harrison has written several books including the prolific Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction In Today’s World. It has an overall rating of four-stars with 72% of all customer reviews being 5-stars on Amazon. He is a contributor to outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNN.

Beyond the literary world, he is an entrepreneur and media professional who holds the position of chairman and Cheif Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO).

Mr. Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital, which is a blockchain investment bank that specializes in localized digital assets. They’re the first ICO to successfully sell pre-Ico Options.

Being a visionary Mr. Harrison experiments with innovation, for example, he set his sights on being the first to creating crowdfunding options. He sparked Factory Banking and contributes to CoinSpeaker as a writer and manager of the editorial team. CoinSpeaker is a prominent source for Bitcoin as well as Altcoin.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Education Background

Daniel Mark Harrison received his Master’s degree in Journalism (Business) at New York University and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration and Management at BI Norwegian Business School. He has also attended the University of Oxford and Lancing college.

Daniel Mark Harrison has evolved into a world renown business expert. He is a forward-looking entrepreneur that wears many hats while multitasking effortlessly. He is currently based in Singapore.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s Career

  • Managing Partner at Monkey Capital
    March 2016 – Present
  • Chairman & CEO of DMH&CO
    October 2015 – Present
  • Editor in Chief of CoinSpeaker
    April 2014 – Present
  • Publisher & Editor-in-chief of Marx Rand
    May 2015 – October 2016
  • Columnist at The Motley Fool
    2009 – 2015
  • Senior Managing Consultant for Minisuco Ltd.
    February 2014 – June 2014
  • Co-Founder of Stanley Court Ltd.
    January 2010 – December 2013
  • Asia Markets for TheStreet
    August 2006 – September 2009
  • Head of Private Clients for St. Helen’s Capital Plc
    January 2005 – August 2005

    All one has to do is look at Daniel Mark Harrison’s accomplishments and you’ll agree his mind is impressive and his accomplishments are an inclination of a bright future.


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Madison Street Capital


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