Sawyer Howitt: The Newest Boy Wonder

Usually as high school seniors, the most a teenager might have to show could be their brand new car or their impenetrable friend circle. However, at the ripe age of 17 years old, Portland, Oregon native Sawyer Howitt is not just being noticed as a strong prospect in the financial and business field. Crown Point NY is calling the talent a “racquetball star”.

Howitt began his racquetball career at the high school level, where he honed his skills and built his rank, going on to compete as a member of The Racquet Club in Portland. He competed as well in the Oregon High School State Championships, where he first established much of his presence. Howitt has drawn recognition from many different newsletters and blog pages, The Notebook of Dreams blog page recognizing him as “one of the most promising members of the Racquet Club in Portland”.