The Part of The Majestic Duo; Alex Pall

Almost everyone you meet around the world would tell you that they have heard at least one song produced by the dynamic duo that makes up the chain smoker. However, it gets tricky when you ask who the duo are? To get that out of the way, the two include; Alex Pall and Andrew Tuggart.

The chain smoker has worked on hits that include Don’t let me down and Roses. Here is a recap of an interview with one half of the duo; Alex Pall.

Alex Pall started his journey in music as a local disk jockey in New York. This was a journey of moonlighting during the day as a disk jockey and doing his day job. This is was due to change one day when he visited an art gallery. Alex Pall noticed that house music was getting popular and it was something that he could do. He approached his manager ( current manager) who brought the other half of chain-smokers.

The two, Alex Pall and Andrew Tuggart kicked off almost immediately. They got down to business and formed the group chain smokers. To be a success as Alex Pall puts it, it needed sacrifices and sacrifice they did! Alex Pall quit his day job to concentrate on music why Andrew moved from his residential town to New York.

Alex Pall brought the DJ aspect into the music while Andrew concentrated on the production and social marketing of the music. The big advantage they had was that they both understood and loved music. The job to them was more of a hobby than a job and this has certainly paid off. They have been producing hit after hit, topping the Billboard charts.

They have worked with songwriters and big artist around the globe. However, their new song has taken a new switch and for the first time, Andrew will be singing. This to normal artist might seem a normality but to them is quite rare. Alex Pall will be writing the song and helping in the production. The song will include the service of Halsey who they consider to be one of the best artists in the world!