Alastair Borthwick: Acclaimed Author And Historian

Alastair Borthwick was a journalist, broadcaster and an acclaimed author who has written two famous books that are still in print. Alastair Borthwick was born in February, 1913 in Rutherglen, Scotland. His family moved to Glasgow when he was eleven years old.

Alastair Borthwick began his career in journalism in 1929, at the age of 16, with the Glasgow Herald. He transcribed phone-ins from corespondents and later as an editor, worked on some of their featured pages including “Open Air”. As mentioned on, Alastair generated controversy by covering the Glasgow working class who would take to rock-climbing in the Highlands which was typically reserved for the privileged. Then in 1935, Alastair went to work for the Daily Mirror but did not really care for living in London. A year later, he returned to Glasgow and began working in radio broadcasting, for the BBC.

In 1939, his first book “Always A Little Further”, was a collection of the works he had written while at the Glasgow Herald, but not without the same controversy which surrounded the original articles, when they were first published. However, at the insistance of famous poet, T.S. Eliot who was one of the directors at Faber’s Publishing at the time, the book was published and is still considered one of the best books written on one of Scotland’s favorite outdoor activities.

In 1946, after World War II in which Alastair was commissioned as an Intelligence Officer in the 5th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders, he was asked to write about the Battalion and first-hand soldiers’ accounts on the front-line battles and trials they faced while confronting their enemies places like Italy, North Africa and Europe. His book titled “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th(Caithness and Sutherland)Battalion, the Seaford Highlanders” won tremendous acclaim.

After the war, Alastair Borthwick worked for the BBC in broadcasting until he retired in the early 1970’s. He moved his wife, Anne and their son to Ayrshire. His wife whom he married in 1940, passed away a few months before Alastair who passed away in September, 2003. He is survived by his son, Patrick.


New CEO Of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, Is Looking Forward To Change

Papa John’s has faced some big issues lately, but their new CEO Steve Ritchie believes he and his team have what it takes to make their business better than it ever was before. He understands that many of their customers have lost their trust in the company and he is taking the steps to remedy these feelings and prove to them that Papa John’s is ready to change.

Steve Ritchie holds true to their P.A.P.A motto, People Are Always Priority. While these may just seem like words to some, this mission is paramount in the process to rebuild their company. He recently traveled to many different franchise locations like those in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago to be able to speak to the owners and especially the employees to see what he could do to help their success. After all. without their dedicated employees, Papa John’s is nothing.

Being able to hear first-hand accounts of what the company needed to change was very important for Steve Ritchie Papa Johns. While as a CEO he can look at the picture overall, without talking to those on a franchise level he won’t know many of the details that need to be addressed. These discussions were hard to say the very least, but they were absolutely integral in Steve Ritchie’s plan.

These franchise owners looked fondly at their employees as if they were part of their own family. They shared good times and bad and Steve Ritchie saw how the problems with the business were hurting them personally. He knew that he had to make things better for all of them, including the customers and employees.

This is what the mission of Steve Ritchie is. He knows that he needs to listen and he needs to instigate the change that Papa John’s needs to heal the lost trust with their customers base. While employees may not have felt that their voices were being heard in the past, Steve Ritchie vows to change this. It may big a big journey ahead for the company, but the new CEO has the fortitude to get through it. See this open letter from Ritchie.

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Meet the Great Investor and Unmatched Economist: Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman started at the Banyan Hill Publishing, in the year 2013. Currently, he is the author of the Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman Newsletter as well as Plan B Club. He specializes in privacy, asset protection, internal migration issues as well as low-risk investment strategies. Ted now lives with his family in Atlanta.

Ted has constantly spent his entire life assist individuals to directly benefit from the available resources they have so as to live a sovereign life which is free from corporate greed or government interference or oversight. Bauman was born Washington and raised in Maryland’s eastern shore and the migrated to South Africa. In South Africa, he joined the University of Cape Town and graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics and History.

In his 25-year career journey, Bauman has served in several executive roles in some nonprofit organizations. He worked as a fund manager in the low-cost house programs and also played a significant role in the formation of the Slum Dwellers International, which has assistant more than 14 million individuals in almost 35 countries countrywide.

Ted Bauman later worked as a private consultant in research and extensively wrote on finance, on planning issues as well as on housing for different clients including World Bank, United Nations, the European agencies as well as the South African Government. In 2008, Ted Bauman went back to the United States and served as a Director of International Housing Programs at the Habitat for Humanity International. He, however, he later went to work as a full-time writer and researcher.

His entire career has helped him in traveling to various parts of the world and visiting more than 75 countries including Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe as well as the Caribbean. The traveling has equipped him with the necessary experience to be a profitable investor and great businessman. Whether you are seeking to get a bank to store your gold, any quality health care in Costa Rica or a great property along with an ocean, Ted gives incredible solutions tailored to fit any kind of needs you may have.

Ted Bauman writes on the daily newspaper labeled Sovereign Investor Daily. He has been featured in several other internal journals such as the Small Enterprise Development, Journal of microfinance and South African Press.

The Amazing Products of Organo Gold

It was in 2008 when Organo Gold was founded with the purpose of extracting purest coffee and providing it to the people across the globe.The unique strategy of Organo Gold to provide coffee enthusiasts with an opportunity to be part of the company as a distributor is attracting more coffee lovers to participate in this scheme. As distributors, they would be more aware of the current coffee culture and with time grow as a fine connoisseur of coffee. The perks of the job include the option for distributors to provide a sample of the product, facilitate interaction with like-minded people and automated shipping for home brewing.

Organo Gold’s range of products has an overall positive effect on the body. Along with premier tea and coffee products, they also showcase body management nutrients such as Ganoderma Mycelium and Fenix XT. The body management supplements have no side-effects and help increase your stamina and thus increases efficiency.For a coffee lover, it is important for them to try the finest product of Organo Gold, called King of Coffee. The fine quality coffee is available in forty-five countries across the globe.

They are constantly striving to expand and grow in the market. Organo Gold is proud of its instant coffee called Gourmet Organic King of Coffee, containing Ganoderma Lucidum Powder with very high nutrient and anti-oxidant content. Organo Gold assures that this instant coffee is bound to change the perception of the consumer regarding how instant coffee products can differ. Recently, it was discovered by a few consumers of their products that the powder from the Ganoderma Mushroom in the product can also be utilized as a soap and toothpaste. Organo Gold released a honey-colored toothpaste and have received positive feedback about the toothpaste being effective in keeping teeth clean and fresh breath.

Randal Nardone and Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is the director of Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, he is also the co-founder of the organization and serving as the chief executive officer of the organization. Fortress Investment Group is a company that deals with investment. The organization specializes in alternative asset management. Since he established the company, Randal Nardone has always worked in the management team. He was appointed to the board of directors in 2006 and later promoted to become the chief executive officer of the company in 2013. Randal is 51 years old, and he has built himself as a self made entrepreneur.He is ranked number 58 by Forbes, and he has stakes in the organization that are worth $1.6 million. Additionally, he has managed to acquire for himself another $ 100 million over the years.Randal graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts.

He went ahead to receive his jurisprudence doctorate from the University of Connecticut. He joined Tarcher Profit and Wood law firm immediately after graduating. He later joined UBS and BlackRock Financial. After staying for a while in UBS and BlackRock Financial, he decided it was the right time to establish his own organization. With Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, Michael Novogratz as partners, Randal Nardone came up with Fortress Investment Group in 1998. With his working knowledge and experience, he has been able to spearhead all the operations of the company to this current prosperous state. He has been the primary key when it comes to the development as well as the growth of the organization.

Since it was established, Fortress Investment Group has been committed to excellent quality service to its customers.Over the years, Randal has gained experience that has made him a financial analyst. Several individuals and companies have developed financially because of the advice they have received from Randal Nardone. Besides working with Fortress Investment Group, Randal is the president of Springlife financial holdings. Moreover, he is the secretary and vice president of Newcastle investment holdings. Employees working with Fortress Investment Group have termed the leadership of Randal Nardone has the best because he has provided a good working environment for them.

OSI Food Solutions Has Come a Long Way

OSI Food Solutions happens to be a company in the food industry that has created a name for itself considering that its success story is exciting and encouraging to individuals entering the industry. The company started as a meat shop and was founded by an immigrant who was courageous enough to thrive in a foreign state.

With time, the business flourished and ended up becoming a family business that later sought partnerships to serve the market better. The enterprise was founded in Aurora Illinois and has facilities all over the world with more than 20,000 employees. The OSI Food Solutions has stayed relevant in a competitive market because of its acquisition of companies that are related to the business.

The recent purchase of Baho Foods a Dutch company that specializes in deli meats and other foods has boosted its performance and production which satisfies the market and meets the clients’ expectations. Additionally, the company purchased Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe a company that provides frozen poultry.

OSI Food Solutions with its commitment to serving their customers efficiently, they have also had various achievements which have come in the form of awards. The company recently received the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council an award they have won twice; in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Beyond being food providers, the company has worked towards maintaining and preserving the environment a deed that has made them be recognized. Additionally, the company has been featured in Forbes and was ranked position 136 in 2011 and place 58 in 2016 for being the largest private company in the food industry.

The OSI Food Solutions has as well ventured to private label brand food and it also co-packs notable brand names for individual customers and companies. Most eateries such as Papa Jones, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Subway rely entirely on the company’s products which depicts it as a reliable and competent partner in the business. Having started small, the company has made major developments under the leadership of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable individuals.

Leaders such as David MacDonald, whose family business was the first to ever get into partnership with the company have contributed massively towards the growth of the company. In that case, OSI Food Solutions owes reputation and vast achievements to the commitment and hard work of its employees from the seniors to the juniors. Currently, the company has achieved sales of more than 46.1 billion annually which displays its advancement since it became founded.

How Ted Bauman is Guiding People on How to Invest Wisely

Making day to day financial investment decisions can be an uphill task for most people not acquainted with how the stock market works. One simple mistake and an investor could lose a lot of resources. Otherwise, after some research and advice, one creates more confidence in what he does and ultimately ends up achieving more success. Ted Bauman offers such advice to thousands of readers. He is an editor who publishes articles on low-risk investment strategies, international migration issues, privacy and asset protection. He manages to share this wisdom through his publications Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter.

Ted Bauman is an economist by profession with over two decades of experience in the finance industry. He is born and raised in the US but immigrated to South Africa where he graduated with a degree in economics and history at the University of Cape Town. After school Bauman served as a fund manager for various NGOs in South Africa particularly the ones targeting low-housing projects. His efforts assisted Slum Dwellers International to provide low-cost housing to over 14 million people in 35 countries. His expertise saw him consult for the United Nations, the government of South Africa, the World Bank and other European agencies. He decided to come back to the US in 2008 and got a job with Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of International Housing Programs.

In the line of work, Ted Bauman was able to tour over 75 countries worldwide which enabled him to understand the link between politics and economics in different societies. In 2013, he decided to venture fully into research and writing. With his extensive experience and training, he was able to cut his niche quickly and grew his readership tremendously. Ted Bauman researches on how to invest prudently and minimize risk and relays the same to his subscribers monthly in his publications. This knowledge enables investors to understand the markets better and get tips on profitable ventures. Apart from the regular publications he has also written for international publications such as Small Enterprise Development, The Journal of Microfinance and the Guardian.


Hussain Sajwani Is Helping Young People Learn With The ‘One Million Arab Coders’ Initiative

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, one of the leading real estate developer in the Middle East. He serves as Chairman of the company, and it continues to maintain its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The DAMAC owner has contributed a great deal to the growth of the city over the past years. The development projects undertaken by the company continue to grace the city, and they include luxury hotels, iconic towers, luxury housing, and the first of its golf course communities.

Hussain has built his company into a multi billion dollar international organization. He launched the company as the product of his dream to help transform Dubai from its then then vast land into a modern and thriving city. His dream turned into a reality, and Hussain continues to advance the area forward with his many charitable interests.

According to, the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ initiative was founded to help and inspire the Arab youth population. They are the future of the country, and they need to learn and be kept aware of the global technologies that are continuously unfolding before them. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani believes that,”The initiative encourages Arab youth to keep learning to better equip themselves for future disruption in technology and the job market,”

Hussain Sajwani was born in the Middle East in the 1950s. He moved to the US to pattend the University of Washington. There he achieved his undergraduate degree in both Industrial Engineering and Economics. Hussain is an entrepreneur, as his father was before him. After college, Hussain Sajwani started his own catering company. He made that company into a huge success, and it is still in existence today.

To date, DAMAC Properties has been responsible for the development of approximately 19,000 units in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani foresees a continued need for additional housing units in Dubai, although in numbers that are not as high as they have been in past years. The DAMAC owner plans for the company include the development of more properties in the city.

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Why Bruce Katzen Is The Best Lawyer For Commercial Fraud and Complex Commercial Cases

When it comes to fraud and complex commercial cases, no attorney works better than Bruce Katzen. When faced with a commercial case in court, it can be hectic if you do not have an attorney you can trust. You need a Lawyer like Bruce Katzen, with experience, and skills to assist you to deal with the legal challenges. Bruce Katzen has gained the reputation in his legal career that spans for over 30 years. Since been admitted in the Florida Bar in 1984, he has had a successful career in law.

After finishing his education in University of Miami School of Law, he set up to practice commercial law, that has earned him respect across the US. Bruce has made a good name for himself in handling franchise disputes, company purchase and sale disputes, trust and guardianship disputes, and life insurance coverage within his jurisdiction. Also, he has been involved in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitrations, where he has assisted clients who have legal issues. Moreover, Bruce is an expert in matters of liability, which may arise when professionals are engaging in day-to-day business. Such include accountants liability cases and stockbroker’s liability.

Bruce Katzen earlier training was in accounting, which gave him a platform to understand commercial entities. He has been noted as one of the best lawyers in capital markets and securities law in the US. Bruce Katzen specializes in fraud and complex commercial cases, involving corporate entities as well as individuals.

Bruce Katzen has never lost the vision to help others achieve their goals. He is passionate about clients winning their cases, and will do anything possible to handle the legal issues competently

Tim Toner: Putting On The Shades And Removing Deception

Jim Toner begins his message to us with a recap of the movie “They Live” where the protagonist discovers sunglasses which allow him to see the world as it truly is. Jim Toner chooses this movie as his starting point to demonstrate to us in a visual sense of how we are all being controlled on a daily bases. Maybe not physically, but mentally we are controlled by the establishment’s standards of what should be classified as successful and what isn’t.

Jim Toner mentions that we don’t need special sunglasses to see the truth, he didn’t after all. As someone who barely graduated high school. Jim Toner should be a loser according to societies standards. This, however, is not the case as Jim Toner himself has been able to build and grow companies into multi million-dollar assets and has written two best-selling books.

Quoting Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”, entrepreneur Jim Toner explains that the 17 principals laid out in the book showcase one particular principal that is being subdued at this moment, and that is “thinking accurately”. This referring back to his message on ending the stigma that you must have a college education to succeed in life. Because many do not see themselves as making it in college they go on through their lives believing they are not qualified to do anything great therefore subduing a large portion of the population. See this video on

The good news? We have the magic sunglasses too. Jim Toner gives us the exact formula to finally putting them on and seeing the world as it is. First, we must be exactly sure where we are in life. Second, what do we want out of it? and the last few steps are not removed ourselves from social media pull as it only allows deception from other people. Follow Tim Toner’s advice and you’re golden. See Toner’s resume on LinkedIn.