Jeremy Goldstein: The LRIS’s New Way to Help Residents Find Lawyers

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is one of the most trusted associates of the New York State Bar Associations. The LRIS was established to help common New York residents find the right lawyer for their legal needs. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Twitter

When people need legal help, their lives are usually in a state of shambles. Looking for a lawyer when things are chaotic only makes things harder. The LRIS’s services are designed to help people when they are at their worst. The new LRIS service is an online option that lowers the pressure people face during times of stress.

According to Claire P. Gutekunst, State Bar President, every lawyer the LRIS recommends has been reviewed by the Start Bar and is in good legal standing with the Bar Association. The LRIS’s online service was designed by, a national provider of management technology.

The way the new service was designed, residents only have to complete one step. There’s an old phone service that people used to use, and it’s still in use. If anyone wants to use the old service, the number is 1-800-342-3661. The online service can be found at

The online service is available 24 hours a day, but referrals usually take at least a day. All referrals are free, and the service only requires a questionnaire to be filled out and submitted. Once the resident has filled out and submitted their answers and location, the LRIS staff reviews the questionnaire.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

After the review process, the resident is matched with an attorney with an office in or near their community. It’s then up to that resident to initiate the first contact; there are no obligations of any kind after the referral has been made. If they do decide to meet their recommended attorney, there’s a $35 fee for the first consultation.

Without realizing it, some residents may be matched with Jeremy Goldstein. It’s unlikely that Jeremy Goldstein’s name will be recommended by the LRIS, but it could happen. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the best corporate lawyers in the country.

He has more than 15 years experience dealing with executive compensation and corporate governance. In fact, most of his clients are currently coming to him to talk about employee benefits and which compensation method is right for them.

Michael Lacey A Major Force In The World of Cutting-Edge Mathematics

Michael T. Lacey may not have the status of a rock star, sports figure or Hollywood celebrity, but the importance of the contributions he has made to science, society and the world certainly eclipses the accomplishments of any entertainment personality.


Michael Lacey is an American mathematician who has earned an international reputation as one of the most important research scientists in the world.


His work in the area of Banach spaces and bilinear Hilbert transform have had enormous significance and practical application across a wide array of scientific areas.


Lacey earned his doctorate (Ph.D.) in mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. He completed his research there under the direction of the world-renowned math innovator Dr. Walter Philip. Working with Philip, Michael Lacey was able to produce a proof of the almost sure central limit theorem.


After a stint at the University of Illinois, Lacey moved on to hold a professorship at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. He was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship while at Indiana. Lacey has also held positions at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


His current base of operation is the prestigious Georgia institute of Technology. It is here that Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship. With that he has brought out yet more ground-breaking mathematical discoveries.


In 1996, Michael Lacey was also awarded one of the highest honors in the world of math – the Salem Prize, established in 1968. The award is the namesake of legendary Greek mathematician Raphaël Salem. This honor was the result of Lacey’s collaboration with Christoph Thiele of Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany. The pair worked on Calderón’s bilinear Hilbert transform which resulted in the development of a new method for phase space analysis – a remarkable achievement that few thought possible for years to come.


Lacey became a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012, cementing his status among the most honored mathematicians in the world.


All this, and the remarkable career of Michael Lacey is far from over. He continues to pursue and grapple with cutting-edge mathematical challenges as the world awaits his next discovery.

Larkin & Lacey

Sheriff Arpaio is the nastiest guy on the face of the earth. He judges the book by the cover, not by the contents inside. His racial profiling testifies to this unwholesome fact. In the 2000s and 2010s, he consciously made the effort to accuse Hispanic individuals of living here under unsanctioned conditions.

He gave orders to his subordinates to bother people on the roads by race. A lot of people’s times were wasted as they were wrongly profiled as people who do not belong in the USA. Learn more about Jim Lacey and Michael Lacey: and

The year 2017 was going to be the year when Arpaio’s victims would finally see justice being served. Federal judges were about to hold him accountable for his hate when our conservative president, Donald Trump, gave him an unfortunate helping hand by pardoning him.

Sheriff Arpaio is returning the favor by being vehemently pro-Trump. He was always pro-Trump, even before he was pardoned. In fact, Sheriff Arpaio is generally a conservative-minded person, which is the reason why he is so hard on illegal immigrants and Latino people.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are more on the liberal end of the political spectrum. They run a variety of publications that shun the draconian ways of more conservative-minded people like Sheriff Arpaio.

In fact, they specifically focus on Sheriff Arpsio in some of their publications. One of the fine writers who worked for them published data about Arpaio’s properties, including where he lived.

This really galled the sheriff. As a result, Arpaio searched for a reason to screw with Lacey ad Larkin. There is a state law that bans people from maliciously publishing the home addresses of men and women in law enforcement. He attempted to utilize this law to justify harassing the two men.

At first, he issued subpoenas to them. The subpoenas were highly invasive and asked for too much—information about every single person who wrote for the Phoenix New Times, as well as every single person who subscribed to it. Larkin and Lacey did not willfully submit without a fight; they refused to provide the info requested of them. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

They also opted to publish information of the unjust circumstances that they were in. As a result, Arpaio sent his subordinates to their homes to arrest them. Ultimately, the situation did not work out in Arpaio’s favor. The only thing that came out of this situation was that Arpaio made himself appear corrupt.

Arpaio is no longer around to terrorize people in Maricopa County. His 24 years of working as a sheriff ended in 2016. He is now pursuing a seat in the Arizona Senate. It seems that this man will not stop being involved in politics until he drops dead.

Arpaio says that if he wins a seat in the Arizona senate, he will revive the “birther” movement—a movement that questioned Obama’s birth certificate and his right to be president. Who knows what other horrors Arpaio will be capable of if he wins a seat in the senate!

We are all about high performance and fitness, Enhanced Athlete

Founded in 2014 and based in Wyoming, Enhanced Athlete offers an array of superb scientifically proven products on the basis of the human revolution. Some of their products include muscle builders, fat burners, performance enhancers and research chemicals. The company is reformulating some of its products to ensure that you receive high-quality products which you will appreciate and love.

Enhanced athlete is also affiliated with Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced coaching has a team of professional fitness coaches who will coach you under a program that suits you best. Enhanced gear, on the other hand, is a company with an online site and they offer authentic and quality athlete attire. These companies, Enhanced Athlete included, prioritize good health and high performance.

As it is the norm in the business world, other companies produce performance enhancing products. In this case, I’m referring to Nutrition Distribution. Nutrition Distribution has filed many lawsuits against other bodybuilding products from its competitors and Enhanced Athlete this time around fell prey to Nutrition Distribution, the plaintiff. Nutrition Distribution requested for an injunction. The plaintiff, in this case, has been notorious for asking for settlement payments.

Enhanced Athlete refused to become a victim of Nutrition Distributions settlement shakedowns. Enhanced Athlete had in no way put up false advertisements of its competitors to boost their sales. Nutrition Distribution went further ahead to claim that it had been losing regarding sales due to the misleading ads put up by Enhanced athlete. Nutrition Distribution has been in the business of filing lawsuits and asking for settlements hoping that the defendant will cower into the plaintiff’s demands in order not to face any legal fees.

The same company has never been able to prove that they have actually suffered any losses. The court, however, ruled in favor of the defendant, Enhanced Athlete, for there was no evidence linking the defendant to the claims file by Nutrition Distribution. CEO of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, after the court case came out to assure their customers that in no way was the company going to be Nutrition Distribution’s next shakedown victim.

Fashionable Competition – Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is competing with major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren in the fashion world. He believes in the tenets of available fashion at excellent prices. His clothing line is targeted at Americans who are fans, and men on the go. The modern man is his primary customer. The man who has to attend business meetings, make a fashionable appearance, and catch a flight is the customer that Ryan Seacrest designed his clothes for. This is the type of life that Ryan Seacrest leads. He often has to move from destination to destination quickly, and he rarely rests. The momentum creates a need for comfort and mobility. He knows the value of a good suit. Ryan Seacrest has taken the advice of wise men in fashion, and he has created a clothing line that modern men love.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction is featured exclusively at Macy’s, and he markets his clothes to modern men. The suits are tailored to fit multiple body types, and each one will feel like it was custom fitted. The accessories are versatile, and they can be mixed and matched between suits for multiple looks. Ryan Seacrest chose the fabric with durability and mobility in mind. He wanted to be able to get on an airplane and take a nap if he needed to catch some rest. This is the life of a modern man, an entrepreneur constantly on the go. He needed to be able to complete his daily meetings and obligations in the most comfortable and stylish way possible.

Christopher Bailey assisted Ryan Seacrest with the development of his clothing line. Bailey has designed clothes for Burberry and the red carpet. He was the man who introduced Ryan Seacrest to tailored suits. The distinction that Ryan Seacrest brings to his clothing line is inspired by the work of Bailey. Seacrest can be seen at every red carpet event wearing an item form his clothing line. It is the perfect way to promote his clothes to celebrities and fans. Seacrest is an entrepreneur, and he does not plan on stopping at fashion. He is also an accomplished musician.

Dr. Saad Saad and The Meaningful Career He Led To Achieve His Dreams

It’s part of the human condition for people to make a mountain out of a molehill, and there’s little we can do about that, except finding tricks and life hacks to find palliative solutions to the problem. If this is too much for you and you don’t want to go with a series of trial and error to find the right answer, then you might be better off following the advice of a mentor. One of the mentors you can tap for information right now is Dr. SaadSaad, a pediatric surgeon whose career was advanced and improved because of a prestigious job rooted in innovation, service and independent thinking.

Life Lessons from Dr. SaadSaad

In the interview with BlogWebPedia , Dr. SaadSaad imparted that one big lesson you should learn in life is to define your success and make sure that you are fulfilling a specific meaning in your life. You can read his complete story in the transcript at the website, but an excerpt of that interview would show that the success of Dr. SaadSaad doesn’t just stop in his career, it also affects and spreads out like a glowing form of blessing to his kids, which are also doctors, and a nurse. Being listed as one of the country’s top surgeons today, Dr. SaadSaad has also found meaning in the medical field, and that in turn is where he learned all the most important lessons that one could get in life.

Another interesting tidbit about the history of Dr. SaadSaad’s career is the fact that his decision to become a doctor wasn’t a product of an introspective and brooding self-reflection. It wasn’t even as grandiose as a product of an existential search. It was just a decision after realizing that too much outdoor work is not a good fit for Dr. SaadSaad, and so he found a place where he should mostly be working indoors, and that’s the operating room. The decision paid off, though, since because of his dedication to indoor surgery work, he has now retired successful and fulfilled from doing the thing he loved most.

About Dr. SaadSaad as an Authority on Wisdom

There’s a lot of authority from Dr. SaadSaad to make him an authority of wisdom. First of all, he’s one of the most awarded physicians today, and he’s been in practice for about 47 years. It must also be said that Dr. SaadSaad succeeded to become the first Palestinian-American speaking to have ever been board-certified in the 1980s. This backround gives him a whole lot of exposure to risks, challenges, and hurdles that could build him strong. That’s also a lot of opportunity for growth both in his approach to life, and to an understanding of humanity in general. Learn more:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Respond to Trump Pardon with Words and Actions

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists in the State of Arizona. They made national headlines in 2007 when they were illegal arrested by Joe Arpaio; the story was picked up by such prestigious publications ss The New York Times and The Washington Post

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin originally got together during an effort to create a college newspaper. Their intention was to combat the school’s right wing views concerning student-protests. The paper was so successful, the two journalists dropped out to enter into the newspaper industry. Eventually, they purchased The Phoenix New Times.

“We were a constant thorn in his side,” said Larkin, referring to his journalistic efforts against Joe Arpaio. The duo had been investing Joe Arpaio for quite a long time, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when The Phoenix New Times published an article that revealed the details of court documents.

Arpaio had a special task force pull the journalists from their home. They were transported to separate facilities, but they were released once the county saw the national attention they were getting.

In retaliation, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a lawsuit, that they eventually won, against Maricopa County the county where Arpaio served as Sheriff.

2007 wasn’t just the year Arpaio decided to violate journalists’ first amendment rights. He also illegally arrested a Mexican citizen. The Mexican vacationer sued Arpaio as well. Arpaio has cost tax payers of Maricopa County nearly 100 million dollars during his time as sheriff. This lawsuit eventually led to Arpaio being charged with criminal contempt of court. Victims of Arpaio were finally set to receive their justice.

Donald Trump put a stop to their celebration three months after the conviction. He extended a pardon to Arpaio, a political ally, and Arpaio accepted.

Michael Lacey attributes the pardoning to political synergy. Donald Trump, with his pardon, showed to his supporters that he was on their side. “Trump’s approval rating is down around 30 percent,” Lacey explained. “That 30 percent is going to like what he did.” Lacey believes that Trump and Arpaio share a very large fanbase. by pardoning Arpaio, Trump believes it will enable him to hold onto the supporters he has left.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin couldn’t just sit around and let atrocities like this happen. With the money from the settlement, the duo have created a couple of new entities.

The first is a charitable foundation that assist the citizens of Arizona and surrounding areas. With the help of Lacey and Larkin’s Frontera Fund, charities such as ACLU of Arizona and Aliento are doing everything in their power to improve the lives of the immigrant community: the primary target of Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin are doing what they can to influence the upcoming midterm elections as well. They want to stop corrupt and immoral politicians from participating in politics. Their new paper, Front Page Confidential, publishes content that exposes politicians and their unjust actions.

Dr. David Samadi: Robotic Surgery Expert

While Dr. David Samadi may be known to many as the celebrity doctor on Fox News’ Sunday Housecall, to his patients he is a hero. The prostate cancer expert has performed over 7,000 prostatectomies using robotic assistance over his over 2-decade-long career in medicine. His expertise is sought by many in the world and some of his patients travel hours in order for him to be the one who performs their surgery after a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Recently, he was asked about Mitt Romney’s prognosis after a successful surgery to remove prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi insists that his decision to choose surgery over radiation may have very well saved his life and at the very least allowed for a higher quality of life after cancer. Perhaps with his almost 90% success rate for removing all traces of prostate cancer, it is easy to see why.

Dr. David Samadi is highly educated with two fellowships under his belt along with his medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. Even while attending high school in Roslyn, New York Samadi excelled as both an honor roll student and the president of his class. Incidentally, he did this all as an Iranian immigrant whose parents and younger sister, Heidi, stayed behind after the Iranian Revolution.

Undoubtedly, Dr. David Samadi’s team at Lenox Hill Hospital is one of the most efficient in the United States. Sometimes, he and his surgical staff perform up to five robotic procedures a day while still maintaining a fantastic rate of success. Some of Dr. David Samadi’s surgical team has been with him for almost 20 years as they had been with him in his previous position at Mount Sinai as Chief of Robotic Surgery. In his position at Mount Sinai, he practiced surgery in more than 45 countries around the world.

Despite Dr. Daid Samadi’s schedule being exceptionally full, he still manages to find the time to talk to every patient on his floor before he heads home at the end of his day. His commitment to his patients is one of the reasons why Lenox Hill’s robotic surgery department is unparalleled in the United States.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco: What’s Next For Bradesco?

Current Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi of Banco Bradesco S.A. is remaining in his executive position until the date of March 12, 2018. He has been involved in the Executive capacity of Banco Bradesco for the past 9 years, and has overseen some of the large increases in capital that the South American bank has experienced. The bank will be changing the head of this position soon when Trabuco steps down.

Currently Banco Bradesco is changing CEO’s, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco has tapped Octavio de Lazari Junior, as he will be taking over leadership within the bank. Both men have a great working relationship with the bank, but change was needed as it was decided Lazari will be the new CEO. Ending the year of 2017 with revenues in the amount of R $76.3 billion, there is no questsion that Banco Bradesco had a good year. Due to this increase in profit, this was a rise of 6.8% compared to 2016.

Growth in the financial sector was seen last yeah, however there is still a transition underway between Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Octavio de Lazari Junior. Many bankers feel very optimistic of the national economy for 2018, as low interest rates, calm inflation rates, and GDP growth between 2% and 3% makes a tough argument for change. Octavio Lazari also stresses how Bradesco must have a better year than the years before. All current transitions aside, Lazari and Trabuco both stress how important having good pension reform is for the overall benefit.


Knowing that Lazari would be one of seven vice presidents, the choice was weighed by the many experiences that Octavio Lazari has for choice. Luiz Carlos Trabuco explains how the choice of the new president took quite some time to come to a final selection. From his work in the late 1990’s working in the credit area to his many promotions starting in 2010, the choice was clear for Luiz Trabuco’s successor.

Luiz Trabuco began his professional banking career and professional activities at Bradesco on April 17, 1969. Trabuco served as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. back in March 1999 and after success in that department he went on to various positions throughout the bank. A major involvement in Private Pension plans, as he was the President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans from August 1994 to August 2000, gave him reason to stress the continued commitment to pension reform. Currently his days as CEO will finally come to a close as Octavio de Lazari Junior will accept the position on March 12, 2018.

Visit for more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Dr. David Samadi and His Surgical Practice


Dr. Samadi is a certified oncologist. He has expertise in robotic prostate surgery. He is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Dr. Samadi’s Early Life

Dr. Samadi was born in 1964. He was raised in Iran, within a small Persian-Jewish community. After the 1979 Revolution, Samadi had to leave his home country in pursuit for a better life. Along with his younger brother, Samadi moved to London and subsequently immigrated to the United Staes in 1984. As a result of his father’s profession as a businessman, Samadi’s mother, father and younger sister were not allowed to leave Iran.

Dr. Samadi’s Education and Surgical Practice

Dr. Samadi studied biochemistry in the United States and subsequently enrolled at Stony Brook School of Medicine. In 1994, he graduated. He accomplished his postgraduate training at Monteflore Medical Center.

Dr. Samadi attended and completed a fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He successfully finished his training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. With the assistance of Professor Claude Abbou,Samadi completed a prostatectomy fellowship in Paris, France. The fellowship took place at the Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in 2002. As a result of his continued success, Mt. Sinai Medical named SamadiVice Chair of the Department in 2010.

Samadi has completed 7,000 prostate surgeries and 800 laparoscopic surgeries. Early detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer, with minimally invasive surgeries, are his preferred methods of treating the disease. He is known as one of the top surgeons in his field. He specializes in urologic diseases, primarily kidney, bladder and prostate cancers. He is one of the few surgeons certified in the three main areas of oncology surgery.

The SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) is a system developed by Dr. Samdi in order to remove all prostate cancer cells, control urine and engage in sexual activity post-surgical operation. The procedure is minimally invasive.

Dr. Samadi’s Awards and Media Exposure

Dr. Samadi TV is a web show that broadcasts live every Sunday at 12:30 pm EST. Dr. Samdi has won many awards for his hard work and dedication. He has been credited “Best Urologist in New York” and “America’s Top Doctor For Cancer” multiple years in a row, since 2009. His compassion and genuine care for his patients has been widely noted and appreciated amongst many.

Learn more: